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Edit i think "few words to say" in the references is in the wrong section. It seems to intended to be a list of words of Tamil origin. Probably should be moved inline or removed. ʀʟ 08:40, (UTC) I removed it- on closer examination, the contents essay (if appropriate) should go in other sections of the article. Original content was: Few Words to say: amma, murruku, maala, kuuli, jilebi. ʀʟ 08:46, (UTC) External links modified edit hello fellow wikipedians, i have just modified 2 external links on Fiji hindi. Please take a moment to review my edit. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple faq for additional information.

— wiki wikardo 03:09, (UTC) Classification of Fiji hindi edit It should be stated in the language box, how it is classified, not just stated that it belongs to the Indo-Aryan languages. Sarcelles ( talk ) 07:19, (UTC) Speakers abroad edit Where do the figures for overseas speakers come from? According to us census data fijian Hindi does not appear in the detailed listings of languages spoken at home; (the article obviously claims all Fiji born speakers of Indo-european languages as Fiji-hindi speakers). Even if it were 24,000 speakers in the usa - is that a remarkable number? At least the map is highly misleading by coloring whole continents as places whre fijiHindi is spoken. By this method we have to color each major immigrant country with all languages of the earth! Kipala ( talk ) 14:20, (UTC) Fiji hindi - the correct name edit references: Few words to say?

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It was the phrase the hindi numbers have been adapted to the English counting system that really made the lightbulb go off. Ive tried to edit the article accordingly without being overly explicit or wordy. The second and third paragraphs of the counting in Fiji hindi still contradict each other, though. For homework numbers larger than 10, English words are used is still a problem phrase. Its not clear to me whether young Fiji hindi speakers are really using English words, or if the fijian Hindi for eleven is das aur. — wiki wikardo 04:29, (UTC) Writiing System of Fiji hindi edit since there exists already a great variety of writing systems (Nastaliq, dvenagari and several further based on Roman script) for Hindustani on the Indian subcontinent, i wonder which form is used oficially for Fiji. Simon, —preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 08:57, (UTC) devnagari.

And the roman alphabet, too, but I dont know to what extent. It touches on it briefly in the article, but maybe it could be mentioned more prominently. Update: fwiw, the fijian Hindi wikipedia is written with the roman alphabet. Also, the devanagari ( ) in the intro was removed at some point. Given its extensive use in this article, contrasted with the fiji hindi wp in Latin letters, it should be specified which alphabet is mostly used in formal and informal contexts.

Wiki wikardo 13:31, (UTC) How numbers up to 40 are counted still hasnt been resolved—does one say tiis aur saat or are English words used for numbers larger than 20? Also, at some point, the article was changed from saying lakhs and crores arent used, to that they are. — wiki wikardo 03:09, (UTC). Cannon, i would disagree. I would say its more like having a table with Portuguese and Galician numbers.

Even allowing for differing orthographies, there are more than two differences between Portuguese and Galician and thats just up to ten! Having a chart purporting to compare two languages which differ only three times in counting to a million strikes me as absurd. It may seem less absurd to you, but regardless, i propose nothing significant is lost informationally by excluding the table, and presentationally, the article is much improved. — wiki wikardo 19:17, (UTC) edit ok, ok, i see i finally get it! Its not that the chart and the article contradict each other! So much as the chart really poorly illustrates the issue, and the article describes it inaccurately.

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Secondly, the purpose of the article was to explain the fiji hindi as a distinct Language, developing in Fiji. From my experience people from India who speak hindi are unable to understand Fiji hindi, although a punjabi (regarded as a different language in India) speaking person will most of the time understand Standard Hindi. Finally, regarding the numbers. Most Fiji Indians only use the numbers one to ten in a form derived from Standard Hindi but use English numbers for numbers greater than 10, but older Fiji Indians and those living in rural areas would also use hindi numbers between 10 and. The numbers provided in the table was given to provide a full list of numbers as used by fiji Indians, so readers could understand how they are different from Standard Hindi. Girmitya 02:49, (UTC) I can only assume you mean numbers up to 29? Neither biography 21 nor 37 is between 10 and. Also, as stated before, according to the table, the only numbers that are written differently than in Standard Hindi are 2 and.

write eleven lakhs

Hindi is that the fijian government hasnt undertaken a campaign of sanskritization of the language; yeah? — wiki wikardo 03:09, (UTC) More numbers in Fiji hindi edit wait, the paragraph says numbers above ten use the English words, but goes on to say numbers greater than twenty are made up of a combination of the hindi multiple of ten plus the. This strikes me as contradictory. — wiki wikardo 23:26, (UTC) I recommend asking User:Girmitya, a native speaker, for clarification. Btw, removing the numbers on the basis that most of them are the same as in standard Hindi is akin to removing the numbers from Spanish just because most of them are similar to portuguese or Italian numbers. It doesn't make sense. David Cannon 11:52, (UTC) Firstly fiji hindi is a spoken language and has very little literature of its own, although in recent times attempts have been made to write fiji Indian history in Fiji hindi. Almost all official publications targeted at Fiji Indians is in Standard Hindi which Fiji Indians learn in schools. Muslims would learn Urdu in schools.

Contents, if the constitution. Edit, if the constitution mandates Hindustani, which encompasses the entire hindi-Urdu. Sprachraum, wouldnt Fijian Hindi fall under that definition? Maybe that section should be reworded. Also, i assume business the hindustani translation of the constitution. Devanagari ; would that not basically make. In that case, does anybody know why the terminology opted for. Hindustani, instead of, hindi?

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Write eleven lakhs
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  4. and has very little literature of its own, although in recent times attempts have been made to write fiji Indian history in Fiji hindi. use the words lakh to denote 100 thousand, crore to denote ten million (i.e. 100 lakhs ) and arab to denote thousand million.72. td2220 Wickedleak wammy sensation Zotac zbox ad06 Plus Cabinets Antec Eleven Hundred Antec One S3 Antec P280 Antec Solo 2 Bitfenix. instigation of devarshi narada who once came to him and advised him to write it as, without it, his goal in life would not be reached. Youll have to write reviews of latest Android updates, android development guides and How-to articles for Windows.

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