Wall street movie summary

wall street movie summary

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The editing is jerky at times and almost every shot of the Great Wall looks like cgi - i truly hope some of it was actually shot on location. The main problem is you don't care about any of the characters, as there's no backstories (no time - it's all over in 95min with most of the generals conveniently colour-coded. The whole thing really feels like a poor rip-off of 'lord of the rings: The Two towers'. Lau dafoe are wasted and Damon seems to coast through, being an archer/mercenary who suddenly decides to be a hero. I was wondering if the Chinese audience would hate it, but it's already made 170 million there in two months, so it was in 2016's top 10! Definitely too earnest, when it could've been funnier/more tongue-in-cheek, when it's so ridiculous at it's core). 'Lots of good choices here.

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Contribute to need This Page. See also, faq, user reviews, user Ratings, external reviews. 'The Great Wall' is certainly not a documentary! Not that anyone would be mistaken after seeing the poster or synopsis. One plot summary had: "a mystery centered around the construction of the Great Wall of China" - wrong! There's no mystery, and certainly no construction of the Great Wall - it's already there when William (Damon - i think he's supposed to have a scottish accent, but it's horrible) tovar (Pascal, from Narcos game of Thrones) stumble upon. Commander Lin (Jing) spares them, and they're suddenly under attack. The film doesn't waste too much time starting the fight against the tao tie - monsters/aliens (not really explained) that look like a cross between Wargs from 'lord of the rings' and the hammerhead beasts from 'avatar'. They emerge every 60 years (from Russia?) to attack the Chinese (for some reason) - and there's about 500 million of them, obviously controlled by a queen (end-game established but they have their own, literal, kryptonite. There's some decent action scenes and plenty of stunts, but nothing really new. This is director Zhang's first Hollywood film and is nowhere near as good as 'hero' or 'house of Flying Daggers'.

As the protests in Lahore grow more violent, Changez suggests a butcher's shop where rainier may have been taken. Tensions and suspicions escalate as the protesters grow further enraged and Bobby becomes suspicious of Changez, who is sending tense text messages on his cellphone. The cia inform Bobby that rainier is, in fact, already dead, leading him to drag Changez out of the cafe at gunpoint. As Changez appeals for calm from the protestors, bobby accidentally shoots and kills Sameer (Imaad Shah one of Changez's militant students. As the cia extract Bobby, they reveal to bobby both that rainier had died earlier that day and that Changez had already offered to work with the cia - the text messages he sent were to his sister, bina (Meesha year Shafi). Changez delivers a eulogy at Sameer's funeral as Bobby recuperates in hospital, recalling Changez's words - "looks can be deceiving. I am a lover of America." The film ends with the note. Synopsis, plot keywords, parents guide, getting Started, contributor Zone ».

wall street movie summary

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He discovers that the publisher published translations of his father's poems in Turkish. He cannot bring himself to only look at the money, and resigns from Underwood Samson. He returns to new York and has a last meeting with Erica. Changez returns to lahore. He begins lecturing at Lahore University, where he voices his dissatisfaction with the us's interference in pakistan and also meets suspected Al-qaida members, causing the us to raid his house and threaten members of his family. Fast forward to the present day, both Bobby and Changez are under pressure from the cia and protestors outside the cafe, leading the cia to move. Changez reveals that despite his opposition to the us he refused to join Al-qaida as his anti-us sentiment does not define him; Bobby in turn admits that rainier was a cia officer.

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wall street movie summary

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Synopsis, the film opens in Lahore with Anse rainier (Gary richardson an American professor at Lahore University, kidnapped on his way home from seeing a movie. The following day, the kidnappers send a video tape, in which they demand the release of 690 detainees from a muslim concentration camp in Kot lakhpat and 700,000 for the children of waziristan in exchange for rainier's life. An American journalist and undercover cia informant in pakistan, bobby lincoln (liev schreiber arranges to interview one of rainier's colleagues at Lahore University, changez khan (riz ahmed who is desk suspected of being involved in the kidnapping, in a cafe in Lahore. Set back in 2000, Changez, the son of a famous poet (Om Puri) and housewife (Shabana azmi lives a privileged life in Lahore. Changez wins a scholarship to Princeton University.

From there, he gains a training contract at a top Wall Street valuation firm, Underwood Samson. Before beginning employment, Changez takes a vacation to Greece, where he meets and falls in love with an American photographer, Erica (Kate hudson who mourns the death of her boyfriend. Their relationship develops on Changez's return to the usa, where he becomes summary a high-flying employee under his boss Jim Cross (Kiefer Sutherland). Changez is away in Manila on business when the world Trade center attacks take place, and on return to the usa finds himself a figure of automatic suspicion, being strip-searched on arrival in New York. Gradually his positive attitude towards America begins to change. Despite sleeping with Erica, their relationship further deteriorates as she fails to move on from her boyfriend's death. During a business visit to Istanbul Changez values a publisher, and finds it worth no money.

See all certifications parents guide: view content advisory edit, details, official Sites: Official site, official site japan. Country: usa, language: English, release date: (Germany see more ». Also Known As: Wall Street: Geld schläft nicht, see more » Filming Locations: 1 State Street Plaza, new York city, new York, usa see more » Edit Box Office budget: 70,000,000 (estimated) Opening weekend usa: 19,011,188, 26 September 2010, wide release Gross usa: 52,474,616,. Pressman Film, dune Entertainment see more » Show more on imdbPro » Technical Specs Runtime: 133 min 136 min sound Mix: Dolby digital dts color: Color Aspect Ratio:.39 : 1 see full technical specs » Edit Did you know? Trivia the first sequel to an Oliver Stone film.

See more » goofs (at around 9 mins) As gekko and moore are walking around the zoo/Park the length, and shape, of the back of gekko's hair changes from camera angle to camera angle. See more »"s Winnie gekko : he's not who you think he is jake! See more » Connections featured in Late Show with david Letterman: Shia labeouf/Brian Regan/Jimmy eat World (2010) see more » soundtracks Tiny Apocalypse Written and Performed by david Byrne courtesy of Nonesuch Records by arrangement with Warner Music Group Film tv licensing see more ». Edit, the reluctant Fundamentalist - tage des Zorns (2012 showing all 2 items, jump to: Summaries. A young pakistani man is chasing corporate success on Wall Street. He finds himself embroiled in a conflict between his American Dream, a hostage crisis, and the enduring call of his family's homeland. —, anonymous, spoilers, the synopsis below may give away important plot points.

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I'm not arguing that the last 45 minutes of the movie are, strictly speaking, likely book or even plausible, but nothing violates the laws of physics, and you can kind of see how stuff like that might sort of happen, if you get my drift. "S.W.A.T." is a well-made police thriller, nothing more. But in a time when so many action pictures are mindless assaults on the eyes, ears and intelligence, it works as superior craftsmanship. The director, Clark johnson, is a veteran of tv both as an actor and director, and supplies a well-made film that trusts its story and actors. What a pleasure, after a summer of movies that merely wanted to make my head explode. Edit, storyline, as the global economy teeters on the brink of disaster, a young Wall Street trader partners with disgraced former Wall Street corporate raider Gordon gekko on a two-tiered mission: to alert the financial community to the coming doom, and to find out who. Written by, anonymous, plot Summary, plot Synopsis. Plot keywords: mentor corporate greed real estate watching tv reference to star wars, see all (221) taglines: Gordon never gives up, genres: Drama. Motion Picture rating mpaa rated pg-13 for brief strong language and thematic elements.

wall street movie summary

He and his partner Jim Street (Farrell) are offered demotions. Street accepts; his partner leaves the force. But Street, a visit talented officer and a great shot, is spotted by the legendary veteran Hondo harrelson (Jackson and chosen for his hand-picked elite. One of the pleasures of the movie is the training sequence, where jackson leads his team through physical and mental maneuvers. Many recent action movies have no training scenes because, frankly, you can't train to do their impossible stunts - you need an animator to do them for you. A routine traffic bust leads to the unexpected arrest of Alex (Olivier Martinez an internationally wanted fugitive. Alex offers the 100 million reward on television, the cops assume there will be a lot of escape masterminds hoping to collect the reward, and it's up to hondo and his team to safely escort the prisoner to a federal penitentiary. That it does not go smoothly goes without saying.

and I have to admit some of the stunts and action scenes are a shade unlikely, but the movie's ambition is essentially to be the same kind of police movie they used to make before special effects upstaged human. Advertisement, the result is one of the best cop thrillers since ". Jackson and, colin Farrell co-star, playing the time-honored roles of veteran officer and young hothead. Michelle rodriguez and James Todd Smith (a k a ll cool j both effective actors, give depth to the. Olivier Martinez, who played diane lane's lover in ". Unfaithful is the smirking playboy arms dealer who offers a 100 million reward to anyone who springs him from custody. The plot begins with a hostage situation gone wrong. Team member (Brian Gamble) disobeys orders, enters a bank and wounds a hostage.

The cops didn't do anything that a real cop might not really almost be able to do, if he were in very, very good training. I started taking notes along these lines, and here are a few of my jottings: When a cop shoots at a robber in a hostage situation, the hostage is wounded. The chief punishes two hot shots with demotions, instead of pulling their badges and guns and kicking them off the force. When the bad guy steals a cop car, we expect a chase, but he backs up and crashes it within a block. When the chase leads down to the los Angeles subway resumes system, the cops approach a stopped train, board it, and look for their quarry. Astonishingly, there is not a fight scene atop a speeding train. Team training scene, the trainees are running toward a target while shooting, and somebody asks, "No rolls?" The veteran cop in charge replies: "They only roll.

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Total Lifetime Grosses, domestic: 116,900,694.8, foreign: 275,100,000.2, worldwide: 392,000,694, domestic Summary. Opening weekend: 18,361,578 5 rank, 2,537 theaters, plan 7,238 average) of Total Gross:.7 view All 14 weekends, widest Release: 2,557 theaters, close Date: April 3, 2014. In Release: 100 days /.3 weeks. Half an hour into watching "S.W.A.T. i realized the movie offered pleasures that action movies hardly ever allow themselves anymore:. The characters had dialogue and occupied a real plot, which involved their motivations and personalities. The action scenes were more or less believable.

Wall street movie summary
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  2. this isn't a john woo movie, or bad boys 2, or any of the other countless movies with wall -to- wall action and cardboard characters. The wolf of Wall Street (2013)"s, together with mistakes, trivia, questions, trailers and more. Add more and vote on your. Wall Street appeared to judge the tom Cruise/Paramount schism less harshly than Hollywood. Assault on Wall Street (2013) download Behind the wall (2008) download Wall Street (1987) download wall e (2008) download. Ep 40 Profit Boss Radio women on Wall Street with Equity movie script Writer, Amy fox.

  3. Maria bartiromo hosts guests who talk about topics relating to business, investing, wall Street and personal finance. The wolf of wall street howls at a moon hanging high above an atavistic America. widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world, including shoe designer Steve madden. watching a movie about a convicted stock swindler, it needs to be a whole lot more compelling than Martin Scorseses handsome. Vlk z wall Street (2013) on imdb: Taglines from original posters and video/dvd covers Vlk z wall Street Vlk z wall Street (2013).

  4. Wall, street, the wolf of, wall, street hollywood Reporter. The wolf of, wall, street summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links. It is exactly the same type of party you see in every other movie about, wall, street brokerage trading firms. The movie the wolf of Wall Street and drinks Wolf of Wall Street Drinking Game in movie drinking Games wolf of Wall Street drinking game. The wolf of Wall Street 2013) on imdb: Plot summary, more., synopsis. to 9/11, Sheikh is widely known as the man responsible forthe 2002 kidnapping and murder of Wall Street journal reporter Daniel pearl.

  5. Introduce their movie the wolf of, wall, street, but don't get very far because they realize the text in the telePrompter is meant for. From there, he gains a training contract at a top. Wall, street valuation firm, Underwood Samson. Q: Are any of the characters and actors from wall, street returning for this sequel? disgraced former, wall, street corporate raider Gordon gekko on a two-tiered mission: to alert the financial community to the coming doom. Vlk z, wall, street (2013) on imdb: movies, tv, celebs, and more.

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