The person i am today essay

the person i am today essay

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I have a personal website here. Things I care about edit foundation governance, transparency, and sustainability; integrating new contributors into governance smoothly; exploring what it really means to "lead with a community." goodwill and fun with my fellow wikipedians: hence, meetups and wikimania events are very important to the community. References and sources in articles. This is not about arguing whether crufty websites 'count' as sources; this is about making sure the 90 of totally verifiable content gets good references added, for the sake of the readers. Gender on the projects; the construction of outsiders versus insiders, and implications for creating knowledge. Free knowledge; parse this as you will. Friends and usernames edit on usernames i use the name user:phoebe on all the wikimedia wikis; I do not have a second or official account. I will always note when i am explicitly making an "official" edit (such as when uploading board minutes everything else i say and do on my own behalf, and is not necessarily the viewpoint of the wmf, mit, or any other organization.

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Press I sometimes give interviews, as a wikipedian or on behalf of the wikimedia foundation. I have been interviewed for both radio and dvd print stories, and on a few occasions for. I am a member of the communications Committee (comcom) list and help out where i can. Misc i am interested in good essays about wikipedia; please add them to essays. I also served day on the now-defunct m:Special Projects Committee, from may ish. For a couple of years in from late 2008-early 2010, i worked on summarizing the foundation-l mailing list at the list Summary service ; hopefully this is useful to those who need to quickly catch up with the list. I can often be found on irc, where i go by brassratgirl ; and can sometimes be found sending long-winded posts to various wikimedia mailing lists. I almost always regret this in the morning. Things I do in other places edit In the rest of my life, i am a librarian at the amazing mit, specializing in electrical engineering and computer science. I have academic training in literature and history, as well as library science, and have worked as an engineering librarian at uc davis and the University of Washington as well as mit. Professionally, i am interested in open access and scholarly communications issues, scientific information and data management, collection management, how people find and learn to find information, the effective use of collaborative tools (such as wikis) within communities, and how trustworthy information and knowledge is created.

(NB: Since i joined the board I have mostly stopped contributing stories, out of fears of conflict of interest; but do still follow the signpost). Presentations I give general presentations about wikis and wikipedia to various groups, particularly librarians. In recent years I have presented at: The American Libraries Association annual conference The Special Libraries Association annual conference The Charleston conference sxsw and several other venues. A handout I developed for librarians may be found here. I am happy to share slides, notes, and thoughts on what works what doesn't. More notes are here. Someday i will get around to making a full listing of my talks, with slides! But that day is apple not today. You can, however, find my recent stock wikipedia presentations on Slideshare.

the person i am today essay

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I do not believe this project poses a conflict of interest (but rather is an opportunity to spend *even more* of my time on wikipedia work and have checked with the wmf legal team about any conflicts with my other wikimedia duties. If you have concerns about any of my work, (as always) please feel free to revert any of my changes and leave a note with any concerns on my talk page. Boston and mit meetups edit As of 2015-6, i've been helping my amazing colleagues at the mit libraries run edit-a-thons on site, including: And i've been doing occasional stuff with the new England meetup group, like organizing our 2016 wiknic! Other projects edit research into wikipedia i'm interested in and participate in the wikipedia and wiki research community. I presented a short paper at m:wikimania 2005 ; completed a literature review of ongoing research that was presented at asis t '06; and helped with a successful research bof at wikimania '06. As per above, i am also involved with wikisym (an academic conference about wikis chairing it in 2010. I follow the research lists and can probably point you towards what's going on in this area. Check out the new Research index on meta! Signpost community newsletter For several years, i have contributed occasional stories for the signpost ; in 2009, i was the lead reporter for the "news and notes" section, writing almost every week.

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the person i am today essay

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I also helped out with sf-area events, notably our annual booth pollution at maker faire. In 2013 (and beyond) I ran events at the University of California, davis. Boston : I help run the long-running Boston meetup group and organize regular events at mit libraries with my colleagues there, which everyone is welcome to attend. The real-Life barnstar For your dedication to wikipedia meetups, and that Kat had given you the rl version - user:wikileon uc davis wikiproject edit In, i worked on the uc davis wikiproject, a glam project based in the uc davis libraries to train students, faculty. A page about the project is here.

This was (I think) the first long-term wikipedia project based specifically out of a university library (as opposed to a national library, a museum, or another type of department). The project, and my work, was focused on running training workshops (edit-a-thons and teaching workshops) for name the uc davis and surrounding community throughout the academic year; assessing the level of interest in wikipedia on campus; and building some tools for evaluating articles and assessing contributions. Note: this disclaimer isn't really needed anymore since i no longer work for ucd or am working on the project, but I'll keep it for historical interest. Disclaimer: While my focus is on training others to edit and making sure faculty teaching with wikipedia and librarians interested in adding materials have the information they need, rather than editing specific articles myself, you may see me categorizing or tagging uc-related articles and articles. Additionally, while this project is part of my job, it is unrelated to my work as a wikimedia trustee and also unrelated to the editing I continue to do as a volunteer.

A very, very outdated list of contributions see what i've been up to lately conferences and meetups edit 10 years, baby! I am a big believer in the benefit of getting together face-to-face to build community, socialize, and get work done. I feel extremely privileged that I have gotten to meet wikimedians and go to wikimedia events on five continents, over many years. Wikimania: I have had the great joy of being involved in the international wikimania conferences, and I care a lot about making it a great event. I have been involved in writing and fixing up the event handbook and documentation on meta, at m:wikimania. My involvement has been as an organizer (wikimania as a bid jury member, moderator or advisor (wikimania and as a presenter/moderator at the actual conference (2005-2013).

For a full resume of my participation (and a scratchpad for notes see here. As of 2016, i have been to all of the wikimanias except Esino lario (2016 11 years of amazing intercontinental joy. I ran the program of wikimania 2017 in the beautiful city of Montreal. Wikiconference north America : wikiconference north America in San diego, 2016 was the third annual all-hands editor conference in North America, with participants from Canada, mexico and the United States. I helped run the conference with a fine crew of folks. Wikisym: wikisym is an academic conference about wikis and open collaboration; it is unaffiliated with wikimedia but there is obvious overlap - many research papers about wikipedia get presented at wikisym. I was chair of wikisym 2010 and am on the conference steering committee; I have also been on the program committee and planning committee as wikimedia liaison (for 20 respectively). Rcc : I went to several of the early "Recent Changes Camps" for wiki enthusiasts, and helped out with Recent Changes Camp San Francisco, may : "The family reunion for the wiki ohana!" Local meetups : I was involved with the irregular San Francisco-area meetups.

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I like doing merges. Lately i've been doing a with lot of work on biographies, both old and new. However, i also have interests in lots of other areas and I like to research things. Sometimes I just fix typos, or merge articles, or rewrite clunky phrasing. Things I'd like to see improved include core articles, heavily-accessed articles, applied science and technology articles (including engineering and sourcing for nearly everything. Referencing is my true love. I estimate i've added roughly a couple hundred references (so far) to print sources for articles I didn't originally write, mostly due to my dictionary of Scientific biography project. Lately i've been doing a lot of fixing and maintenance of references, especially working off of this vast list and fixing broken links. This often entails updating the journal name if it's wrong (often is checking other metadata, and finding a current or archived url.

the person i am today essay

Find non more information here, or find the full text of the book at wikibooks: How wikipedia works. The book is licensed under the gfdl, relicensed under cc-by-sa, and covers all aspects of wikipedia from a community perspective. The book's official website. If you are interested in leaving comments or questions, please add them to the wikibooks site or feel free to email. The old page about the book, with suggestions, can be found here; user:phoebe/book ; feel free to email me if you would like to be notified of announcements and news about the book. Article (and other) editor edit Editor on en:wp since august 2003 10K edits as of 2011 sometime 15K edits as of Jan 2015 (I am slow but thorough) i especially work on historical scientific biographies and related topics ; plus a smattering of whatever. I care about the library articles and core topics, and have historically worked on marine science articles.

and administrative support, as well as community-focused activities; the board is responsible for fiduciary and legal oversight as well as charting the strategic direction of the wmf, including thinking about the future of the wikimedia. That means that the board approves the annual plan (budget) for the wmf, but also think about longer-term strategy and "big picture" issues. You can find more about the board here. Note: unless explicitly stated otherwise, please assume that any edits or statements I make here (or on any other projects) i am making as a community member and not in any official capacity whatsoever. Book: How wikipedia works edit, with, charles Matthews and, ben Yates, i am the author. How wikipedia works, a book about using and editing wikipedia. It was published in September 2008 by no starch Press.

You start talking about the long term — about being one of the first large information sources on the web that is truly free. You start talking about what will happen if this works; that because it's free, it's going to be the default resource for a essays whole lot of people, and you start to get a little bit awed by the responsibility to build it properly, and keep. user:CatherineMunro, other userpages: on meta on other projects, things I do around here edit, board of Trustees edit me at wikimania 2012, on how to make wikipedia better (also, by the looks of it, on how to survive sleep deprivation). In July 2010 I was selected for a two-year term on the wikimedia foundation board of Trustees through the chapters seat selection process. During I served as the Executive secretary. In July 2012 my term ended, as I was not re-elected by the chapters. With the resignation of Arne Klempert (who held the other chapter-appointed seat we were replaced by Alice weigand and Patricio lorente. I ran for the board again in Spring 2013 and was reelected by the community for a two-year term, serving until 2015.

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Contents me in the wmf offices, june 2010. My name is Phoebe ayers. I am an academic librarian, currently based in, cambridge, massachusetts where i work for, mIT. I've been writing about, editing and using wikipedia on and off since august 2003. There is always something else i want. I work on wikipedia, but i also talk and write about it a lot in various contexts, and as a former member of the board of Trustees of the wikimedia foundation was involved in our project-wide listing governance. I have also been involved in a variety of other projects, including lots of in-person outreach and event work, detailed below. For why i work on wikipedia - why i started and why i continue - see my essay. Why work on wikipedia?

The person i am today essay
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Chapter 9, summary by Steven Earle. The bell Mobility divide solution is a mobile device management solution that full y segregates business and personal data.

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