Summary of robin hood and his merry men

summary of robin hood and his merry men

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Note: Minstrel lyrics the same as 'The betrothal'. 21 21 "Errand of Mercy" Ralph Smart John Dyson 6 February 1956  introductory minstrel song: "Robin hood has many guises, but the strangest on the list; was when he aided Anselm, as a pharmacist!" summary: saint Anthony's Fire is running rampant throughout Nottingham, and it's. However they are discovered and Robin is wounded in battle. It's up to little john to save the day. Note: St Anthony's fire, caused by Ergotism, was caught and spread by eating bread made from rye contaminated with the fungus ergot. Reported symptoms of the period include convulsions, vomiting, hallucinations and limbs turning black, as if burned by fire, and falling off before death. First reported in France in 994.

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Features Anthony Sharp as The earl and joyce Blair as his wife millicent. 17 17 "a husband for Marian" Bernard Knowles John Dyson introductory minstrel song: "Sir Hubert wooed for Marian, he thought his suit was very good; but met a german rival, that was Herr Robin hood!" summary: Marian's father, away at the Crusades, arranges her. Robin saves Marian from marrying gold digging Sir Hubert by posing as a german Knight who had also been promised Marian's hand in marriage years before, but never turned up to claim. 18 18 "The jongleur" Bernard Knowles John Dyson introductory minstrel song: "To be a skilful juggler is, a tricky job for any man; especially when Robin juggles with the Sheriff's plans!" summary: a jongleur, bartholomew ( Peter Hammond upsets The Sheriff essay of Nottingham and. He is soon recruited to help Robin and Little john in a plan to relieve the Sheriff of the unfair tax money. 19 19 "The Brothers" Bernard Knowles Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. ) 5 February 1956 introductory minstrel song: "The Sheriff tried to capture guy, and very hard he pressed the search; so here's how Robin hood became a patron of the church!" summary: Robin friar Tuck help a poor serf to enter the monastery at Whitby. However the young man is forced to flee when the Sheriff has his twin brother thrown into prison on trumped up charges. Robin tuck devise a plan to free the man's twin and reunite the two siblings. 20 20 "The Intruders" Ralph Smart paul Symonds 5 February 1956 introductory minstrel song: "In sport it's the professionals, that always win the glory; but Robin is the amateur, and that's a different story!" summary: When Robin discovers that two students have been committing robberies and claiming.

) 25 December 1955 introductory minstrel song: "Strange tales are told of Robin hood, but strangest far of all the lot; is when he met Wild Duncan, a very canny for Scot!" summary: Intro duncan of Stoneykirk ( Hugh McDermott ). Duncan, a highlander, arrives in Sherwood Forest to visit Robin hood, and hangs around Robin's gang, irritating Robin by flirting with Lady marian, but what are his real plans? 14 14 "The wager" Bernard Knowles Warren Howard introductory minstrel song: "When Robin makes a bet be sure, normans are the losers; he proves to Friar Tuck that sometimes, beggars can be choosers!" summary: When Robin bets Friar Tuck that he can obtain more. Features geoffrey keen as the "Blind" Beggar. 15 15 "The betrothal" Ralph Smart paul Symonds introductory minstrel song: "In Sport it's the professionals, that always win the glory; but Robin is the amateur, and that's a different story!" summary: Sir Richard of the lea, in seeking approval to get his son. 16 16 "The Alchemist" Ralph Smart Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. ) introductory minstrel song: "The Sheriff thought to set a trap, with witchcraft and an aged hag; but in two ways good Robin, lets the cat out of the bag!" summary: a village woman, whose son is an outlaw, is accused of witchcraft for. Robin must rescue her before she is burned at the stake for consorting with the devil.

summary of robin hood and his merry men

The, merry, adventures of, robin, hood - wikipedia

11 11 "The Ordeal" writings Dan Birt Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. ) 11 December 1955 introductory minstrel song: "Murder in a village, an outlaw is the one accused; Robin sees that right and truth, shall business triumph unabused!" summary: When Edgar ( Alfie bass ) secretly visits his wife and child, he is spotted by a neighbour who reports. 12 12 "a guest for the gallows" Ralph Smart Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. ) 25 December 1955 introductory minstrel song: "Old Will Stuteley cannot pay, and into prison he is cast; the Sheriff is the very one, who turns him loose at last!" summary: Nottingham's tax collectors find it increasingly difficult to collect the county's levied assessments. When the Sheriff makes an example of poor farmer Will Stuteley, sentencing him to hang for non-payment of taxes, robin hood determines to rescue him. Tricking the Sheriff into Sherwood Forest alone, he is held captive and offered his life in exchange for the condemned man. 13 13 "The highlander" Ralph Smart Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,.

Robin and the gang lend Sir Richard of the lea the money he needs to pay off a debt owed to the corrupt Abbott Franklyn ( Frank royd ) who is in league with the Sheriff of Nottingham. Note: an alternative version of this episode also exists in the us (available via alpha video (Robin hood vol 10), where sir Richard's debt is owed to the corrupt Baron Emmet, played by john Longden, in place of the Abbot. 8 8 "The Challenge" Ralph Smart Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. ) 20 november 1955  introductory minstrel song: "Giles Black and Robin hood, archers of undoubted skill; loose their shafts on target range, but one is champion still!" summary: The Sheriff wagers with Sir Richard of the lea that his archer, giles Black, can defeat Robin hood. 9 9 "queen Eleanor" Dan Birt Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. ) 27 november 1955  introductory minstrel song: "Eleanor of Acquitane, to nottingham for treasure goes; there to learn who are her friends, and those who are her foes!" summary: When queen Eleanor ( Jill Esmond ) arrives in Nottingham, her last port of call on her mission. 10 10 "Checkmate" Ralph Smart Peter Lambda 4 December 1955  introductory minstrel song: "Marian with ardent bloods, keeps count de walden occupied; through the castle all the while, his henchmen are defied!" summary: When Lady marian is told by her Nanny ( Marie burke ) that her.

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summary of robin hood and his merry men

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When Will Scatlock is mortally wounded, with his dying breath he passes the leadership of his gang over to robin hood. 3 3 "Dead or Alive" Dan Birt Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. ) introductory minstrel song: "Freedom is calling to little john, the giant; Robin helps him understand, a serf can be defiant!" summary: The giant Little john escapes from his feudal lord and after being captured by the sheriff's men agrees to capture robin hood. Note: As well as being the first appearance of Archie duncan as Little john this episode also features the first appearances of Simone levell as joan the Blue boar barmaid and Bernadette o'farrell as maid Marian. 4 4 "Friar Tuck" Ralph Smart single Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,.

) introductory minstrel song: "Mildred flees Sir William's trope, 'tis Harold she would rather wed; she seeks the aid of Friar Tuck, and vows are safely said!" summary: Robin hood seeks out Friar Tuck to become the gang's spiritual aid, but becomes embroiled. 5 5 "Maid Marian" Ralph Smart Anne rodney (pseudonym of Howard Koch and Anne koch) introductory minstrel song: "Robin hood bold and free, of every man is unafraid; 'til one day he meets his match, with Marian the maid!" summary: Lady marian Fitzwalter infiltrates. 6 6 "The Inquisitor" Ralph Smart Anne rodney (pseudonym of Howard Koch and Anne koch) 6 november 1955 introductory minstrel song: "The Archbishop comes from France, king Richard's interests to pursue; Robin takes a daring chance, to tell him what is true!" summary: When Friar Tuck. 7 7 "The Knight Who came to dinner" Ralph Smart Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. ) 13 november 1955 introductory minstrel song: "In days of old when Knights were bold, and practiced arts of chivalry; there lived no sadder sight I'm told, than Sir Richard of the lea!" summary: Intro sir Richard of The lea ( Ian Hunter ).

Lardner's notes credit the following pseudonyms to work done by lardner and/or Hunter: Eric heath, Oliver skene, samuel. West, ian Larkin, john Dyson, leighton reynolds, paul Symonds, neil. Waldo salt wrote episodes under the name Arthur Behr, john Dyson and neil. 8 Howard Koch wrote episodes with his wife Anne as Anne rodney. 9 Adrian Scott wrote one episode as Leslie poynton. The name leslie poynton was used on several episodes; it is unknown which other writers may have used this pseudonym.

Robert lees wrote several episodes, according to lardner's papers, as John Dyson. It has been suggested that. Douglas Phipps (credited writer of episode 30) is another lees pseudonym, although this is not confirmed. Series 1 (195556) edit n ep Title director Screenplay original air date 1 1 "The coming of Robin hood" Ralph Smart Lawrence McClellan (on us prints) Eric heath (on uk prints) (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. ) 25 September 1955  introductory minstrel song: "Robin of Locksley, a knight bold and good; back from the holy wars, becomes Robin hood!" summary: Sir Robin of Locksley returns to England from fighting in the Crusades to discover that the notorious Sir Roger de lille ( leo. Robin takes refuge in Sherwood Forest and joins a band of outlaws led by will Scatlock ( Bruce seton ) who names him Robin of the hood. Features Alfie bass as Edgar. 2 2 "The moneylender" Ralph Smart Ian Larkin and Eric heath (pseudonym of Ring Lardner,. )   introductory minstrel song: "Trapped by the Sheriff, stands Robin like a mighty rock; and falls heir to the brave will Scatlock!" summary: Robin and Edgar ( Alfie bass ) lighten the load of a greedy, crooked moneylender Herbert of Doncaster (leo mcKern).

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These writers worked under pseudonyms, often changing them after several episodes to avoid drawing attention to themselves. As well, pseudonyms were sometimes shared between writers, or traded from one writer to another. In particular, the names "John Dyson" and "Neil. Collins" appear to have been assigned to various writers with no special affiliation to any one writer or writing team. Wrote the first episode under the name about lawrence McClellan. This was later changed to the name Eric heath for uk broadcast. And Ian McLellan Hunter used a variety of pseudonyms when working individually or collaboratively.

summary of robin hood and his merry men

Episodes were first shown on different dates and sometimes out of sequence in other environmental regions, the us and in other countries. Airdates are for atv london 6 itv regions varied date and order. The order is taken from the British Film Institute database. 7 (Except: "Errand of Mercy" (series 1) no bfi data, original us tx date used. "The goldmaker" and "Isabella" (series 2) no bfi tx date for (1956/57) only (1961 original us tx dates used. "The salt King" (series 3) 1st repeat bfi date used, as bfi 1st tx date places episode at start of series.) imdb gives broadcast dates and order shown in the. Notes to writers edit many writers on the show were Americans who had been blacklisted.

dvd has released the complete series in the uk in four boxed sets, licensed from official copyright holder. The first three series have 39 episodes each and are on five-disc sets, while the last series has 26 episodes and is on three discs, the films have been taken from original Archive prints and are of variable quality. Three episodes feature French opening and end title sequences and no on-screen titles: "Farewell to tuck "The Charm Pedlar "The parting guest". One episode, "The minstrel has French opening titles but original English end titles and retains the episode title. In ntsc format, the first series has been released by Edi video (2005 tmg (Timeless Media group) as a three dvd boxed set (2005) and by pop Flix as a 4-disc collection (2010). Other us companies such as Genius Entertainment, Critics Choice, nostalgia ventures, east West Entertainment, digiview Productions, pc treasures Inc, Echo Bridge Entertainment, and pr studios have released limited runs on dvd. In Region 2 in pal format, knm home Entertainment has released, in Germany, three dvd sets containing the 26 episodes (a mix of series 1 and 2 episodes) that were dubbed into german and transmitted by ard between 19A complete series 18-disc box set was. Of episodes, originally aired: dvd releases, premiered, ended Universal Region 0 / pal universal Region all / ntsc 1 39 25 September Network dvd (UK) Complete series 5 Mill Creek entertainment (US) 5 Mill Creek (US) December 2008 4 Network dvd (UK) 5 Mill Creek.

Network video (UK) released videotape pal versions beginning in 2003. Marathon Music and Video (US) released 21 vhs tapes of the series in 2000 (two episodes per tape in a random order). Dvd releases edit, the Adventures of Robin hood has been released by several companies, as under British law, tv episodes are only eligible for a total of 50 years of copyright. 1, in Universal Region all, ntsc format, mill Creek entertainment have released all four seasons on dvd between, and eventually released a complete series set on 143 episodes on 11 discs. It should be noted that first the films have been sourced from poor quality American prints, though some are from better quality european sources, some episodes feature the "Adventures in Sherwood Forest" opening titles and a few are cbs syndicated prints. In addition, three episodes: "Farewell to tuck "The Charm Pedlar "The parting guest" have no on-screen titles at all. In Region 0 in ntsc format.

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This is a list of episodes for the 1950s television series. The Adventures of Robin hood, write rarely shown as, the Adventures in Sherwood Forest ; this show ran for 143 episodes across four series. Contents, home media edit, vhs releases edit. Itc home video (UK) released three double tape editions of the series. "The beginning" containing "The coming of Robin hood "The moneylender "Dead or Alive "Friar Tuck "Maid Marian "a guest For The gallows". "The Challenge" (10 February 1992) containing "The Knight Who came to dinner "queen Eleanor "Checkmate "The Ordeal "The Inquisitor "The Challenge". 152 mins (itc 8101). "The Thieves Den" containing "Pepper "a tuck in Time "The Charter "The salt King". 100 mins (itc 8102).

Summary of robin hood and his merry men
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  1. Interesting information about the legend of Robin hood a famous character of the medieval era of the middle Ages. Short profile and information about the legend of Robin hood. Directed by mel Brooks. With Cary Elwes, richard Lewis, roger rees, Amy yasbeck. A spoof of Robin hood in general and, robin hood : Prince of Thieves (1991) in particular. Robin hood is the archetypal English folk hero; a courteous, pious and swashbuckling outlaw of the medi val era who, in modern versions of the legend, is famous for robbing the rich to feed the poor and fighting against injustice and tyranny.

  2. Here is a brief summary. Robin hood is a young archer who kills one of the Sheriff of Nottingham's men in self-defense. This is a list of episodes for the 1950s television series. The Adventures of Robin hood, rarely shown as The Adventures in Sherwood Forest; this show ran for 143 episodes across four series. In 12th century England, robin and his band of marauders confront corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that. Is the legend of Robin hood and his merry men just a myth, or did the outlaw of Nottingham really exist?

  3. The, merry, adventures of Robin hood, questions and Answers. The question and Answer section for The, merry, adventures of Robin hood is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Robin hood is a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore and subsequently featured in literature and film. According to legend, he was a highly skilled archer and some versions of the legend he is depicted as being of noble birth, and having fought in the Crusades before returning to England to find his lands. The, merry Adventures of Robin hood is an 1886 novel by howard Pyle, and so it is in the public domain and freely available online. One source is indicated in the links below.

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