Save tree save life essays

save tree save life essays

Short, essay, on, save, water, save, trees!

Do not ignore their letters or calls. Words: 1730 - pages: 7, a stitch in Time saves Nine Essay. A stitch in Time saves Nine someone has very aptly and wisely said that a stitch in time saves nine. It contains an invaluable piece of sane advice, which we constantly hear from our teachers in school and elders at home. This highly useful, didactic dictate applies to every field of activity. It implies that work done in time saves a lot of labour, later. To illustrate it further, it can be said that suppose there is a tear in your shirt, the wisest thing is to stitch it up without any delay. Words: 616 - pages: 3, how to save our Environment Essay pumping out harmful fumes, people disposing of waste in a way that isn't safe/right and all other kinds of sources that ruin the planet.

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Would you like to be a hero? The time to be a hero could be right now, it is as simple as signing up to become an organ donor. Simple questions with a yes or no ugly answer, yet so many people choose not to sign. When most hear organ donation they are either for it or against. Organ donation is considered to be the gift of life and it is a selfless act that many people appreciate. An organ donor allows another person at a second chance in life. An organ can fail. Words: 2623 - pages: 11, save the house Essay foreclosure, you may feel scared or overwhelmed. It is important that you act quickly to explain your situation to your lender, know what your options might be and reach out for the help you need. The longer you wait the fewer options you may have to save your home or avoid foreclosure. You should: contact your lender immediately if you do fall behind and are unable to catch up then you probably cannot afford the mortgage you currently have and must act quickly.

Studies report that landscaping speeds the sale of a home by four to six weeks. Trees are good for business. A series of studies has investigated writing associations between the urban forest and peoples response to shopping settings. Scientific results suggest that having trees in the business district streetscape is an important investment for a business community. The presence of a quality urban forest positively influences shoppers perceptions, and probably, their behavior. Save wildlife Essay, donate an Organ, save a life Essay. Would you like to save a life?

save tree save life essays

Save wild life essay

Trees improve water quality. A healthy urban forest can have a strong influence on our regions water quality. Tree canopies and root systems slow and reduce storm water runoff, flooding and erosion. Trees also help filter water runoff reducing potential sources of water pollution into our rivers and storm drains. Trees cool the air naturally in two ways: through water evaporating from the leaves and direct shade. Homes shaded by trees need less energy for cooling which means lower monthly utility bills in summer and a reduced need for utilities to increase power generation to meet peak load demand. Trees raise real estate value. Shaded neighborhoods and well-landscaped yards have a positive economic influence on real estate values, timeliness of house sales and neighborhood desirability.


save trees to change the future. God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. . But he cannot save them from fools john muir. Keep Calm and save the trees. Trees clean the air. Tree foliage works as a natural air filter of particulate matter such as dust, micro sized metals and pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen oxides, ammonia and sulfur dioxides. Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Combined with the cooling effect of trees, these processes can have a significant impact on reducing smog and overall air pollution.

Save nature save future essay

save tree save life essays

Essay on, save, trees for Children and Students

Trees or plants would also make your house look beautiful and would increase the number of compliments regarding the beautiful garden of yours! Trees also help us by blocking the noise on the streets created by the traffic. Trees also give us food, which is the most important need in our modi life by this sentence i mean that indirectly trees or plants help us live! We cannot live without food. Trees or plants give us fruits or vegetables.

They increase the natural beauty of our home earth. Trees give us rubber, paper, oxygen, wood, herbs, shade, cool breeze, gum, fruits, vegetable, grains, and shelter (not only to us by giving wood but also to animals like birds, snakes, etc. In its tree-holes ). The more lightly we take the subject of deforestation, the more heavier it costs. On reading this essay, i am sure you have understood the importance of trees so please stop cutting trees. . on the contrary, please start planting more trees. .

What colors do we seeblue and green? These days we pollute mother earth very badly and slowly on the globe, there will not be any green left! I know we would not like that. You know, people do not value what they have until they have lost.  Well, in this case it is ees are important, valuable and necessary for the existence of any living creature on earth.

They are essential to life as we know. They even help keeping the food chain or food web in balance and they are the most important things on earth because all animals and humans are dependent. The nature of our future depends on the future of our nature. Oxygen production, cleaning the soil, controlling noise pollution, taking in carbon dioxide but give out oxygen, cleaning the air, providing shade and coolness, act as our natural air conditioner can be considered as the first few reasons why trees are priceless. Trees also help-save energy, improve air quality, and solves health problems. They also have financial benefits a variety of studies show that trees increase residential property values. People pay more for homes with attractive and fully- grown trees or that are in neighborhoods with trees. Research has shown that the presence of trees in neighborhoods affect both physical and mental health of people living in town positively. Hospital patients who have a view of plants and trees have recovered faster than those who have not.

Save, water, save, life

Most of the water is used in development and recreation purpose. Lots of fresh water is being used in swimming pools, parks, fountains and a lot of things. We should cut off the wastage of water to maintain beauty of the city. Save the Tree, save the earth. Picture describe Itself, save water save india, save trees to save our Next generation. Not a single day but everyday to be declared as Earth day we thesis have done much harm to our planet. Save trees save yourselves! Best Ads for saving Tree, a heart touching and a wonderful essay on saving Trees.

save tree save life essays

According to the bureau of Reclamation reports, around 21 aquatic species have been extinct over the past 100 years in the us alone because of disturbance in the ecological balance, usually due to population explosion and rise in demand of water. Saving water review prevents the risk of droughts and other natural calamities. We should learn to reuse water in as several ways as possible. Saving water is very important for upcoming generations. Unless we get concerned about water from today, next generation wont have enough water to survive. We should save water as we have to save plants. The oxygen on earth and most of the food is available from plants. Water is needed also for plants.

at 64 billion cubic meters per year. There is three fold rise of the extraction of fresh water over the past 50 years from glaciers. Because of the recent changes in lifestyle, there is huge demand for water. It also means the rise in demand of water for power supply. Even in our environment, we need water to survive. It maintains life balance on earth. . so, wastage of water may lead to water scarcity and balance of life would come in danger. Not only humans, wastage of water also affects every species in the world.

Why Should we save the water? 70 of water is used by agriculture. A lot of water is required for farming across the world to harvest healthy crops which need huge quantity of water. Around 26 gallons of water is used to produce one ear of corn. One loaf of bread is prepared with 300 entry gallons of water. 120 gallons of water is used for one egg. A bushel of wheat takes 12000 gallons of water and up to 1400 gallon is used to prepare a fast food meal like burger, coke, and fries. 20 of water is used by industries in the manufacturing process and as a coolant. There is huge demand of water in industries.

Save, water, save, earth, essay

Around 70 of earth is covered with water. Our body consists of 75 of water. On average, a human body has up.5 liters of water and just a lack.4 liters can cause dehydration. We can survive for 3 weeks without having food but we summary start to die within three days without water. It is also true that there is no alternative to water. So, it is clear that how important the water is for the existence of life. If we have 66 of water on earth, the question is why we are still facing scarcity of water. It is due to just 3 of fresh water is available for drinking purpose. Rest of the water is sea water that is salty and of no use.

Save tree save life essays
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  3. Three-fourth of water and a month, your the jungle essay, tree than water when it is the tap water consumption. Trees play a major role in survival of life in many different ways. Trees provide us food that is necessary for living and oxygen that. Save water save life essay - begin working on your coursework right away with qualified guidance presented by the service leave your. Save, trees, essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and.

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