Renting vs buying a house essay

renting vs buying a house essay

Renting, vs, buying, a house, essay, service writer

Oh, and those rent payments never stop sure, 30 years is a long, long time, but your lifetime will probably be longer. There wont be any relief in retirement when you rent youll keep paying your landlord for as long as it takes. And at the end, you wont have anything to say for it, no home equity or ownership, despite all those payments. Nothing to hand off to your kids or to sell for cash proceeds. Additionally, your rent can and will most likely rise, even if some level of rent control is in place. So you might be paying less than your neighbor with the mortgage today, but if your neighbors mortgage is fixed, theyll still be paying the same amount in the future while your rent shoots higher. Pros of buying a home a place of your own you make the rules you can build a ton of wealth Might actually be cheaper okay, so weve discussed some pros and cons of renting, but what about buying? Well, the obvious advantage is that you actually gain home equity, or ownership in your home.

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At most, you probably have a 12-month lease agreement. And theres even a good chance youve got a month-to-month deal in place. In short, you wont feel trapped, and you can freely move on if you want/need to for any reason, such as job relocation, downsizing, upsizing, etc. This should make it a lot easier to sleep at night. Cons of Renting a property, you walk away with nothing, youre often still stuck in a lease. Could be forced to move if owner sells Might be lots of restrictions On the other side of the coin, renting seems to be synonymous with temporary. If you want to establish supernatural a household, renting an apartment or a home might not be the best way of going about. You might also sixt be limited to what you can do to the unit. You cant paint the place? You cant do x, y, or Z?

Oh, and the maintenance. Sure, a mortgage barbing may appear cheaper, but guess what happens when your toilet breaks? You cant call your helpful resident plumber and get a free fix. Youll either have to get down with some diy or open your checkbook. So renting, while seemingly the same price or even more expensive than owning, might still wind up cheaper. Theres also a huge psychological freedom to renting. You arent locked in for 30 years.

renting vs buying a house essay

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Buy rule of thumb if you want a truly accurate picture. Even if a property doesnt meet these rules, it could still be a very worthy purchase. Heck, overpaying for a property can make sense in certain situations. Pros of Renting a property, the freedom to move, the lack of responsibility. Fewer expenses that might be paid by the landlord. The ability to put real your money into other investments. Lets start with the beauty of renting an apartment or a home. When you rent, you pay a landlord a certain dollar amount each month. Put simply, this dollar amount is typically less than the going cost of a mortgage, assuming you factor in the insurance and taxes.

Finally, theres a homes gross yield, which is calculated by taking the propertys annual rent and dividing it by the purchase price. So if the annual rent is 24,000 and the purchase price is 300,000, youd have a gross yield. A yield of 8 or higher is generally pretty good and anything in the double-digits is pretty spectacular. However, you cant rely on a blanket rule to make your home buying decision. You need to factor in the true cost by using real-time mortgage rates, expected home price appreciation, maintenance, the desire to own. Rent, and much more. So bust out a calculator as opposed to going with a rent.

Renting vs buyng a home

renting vs buying a house essay

Thesis statement for renting vs buy

Of course, hot cities like new York city and Los Angeles will typically have much higher ratios. Is That Rental Property a good buy? There are also rules for real estate investors. Such as the 1 rule and the 2 rule. That determine if a property is a good investment.

Based on projected rents, there are other rules used for purchasing a rental property, including the 1 rule, the 2 rule, and a homes gross yield, all of which are pretty simple formulas. The 1 rule basically says to purchase a rental property only if each months rent covers 1 of the purchase price. So if a home is listed at 200,000, you need to bring in at least 2,000 in monthly rent for it to make sense. . This is easier said than done. The 2 rule is a lot less forgiving, doubly less in fact. In our preceding example, youd need to get 4,000 a month in rent, which is probably next to impossible in most situations today unless you buy a very cheap foreclosure or snag some other fire sale. . These types resume of properties will most likely need a lot of tlc to get into the shape necessary to rent for such a premium.

So you dont necessarily need to adhere to these rules. Before we talk about the pros and cons of renting. Buying, i wanted to touch on the many ways pundits determine if its more economical to buy than rent, and vice versa. There are plenty of different rent. Buy calculators out there, but most compare annual rents to asking prices to find out if its a good or bad time to buy. For example, there is the rent.

Buy rule of 15, which says to multiply the annual rent of a comparable property. So if rent is 1,000 a month, its 12,000 annually. Multiple that number by 15 and youve got a suitable purchase price of 180,000. Trulia uses a price-to-rent ratio that follow the same formula, whereby you take the list price and divide it by one years rent. Using our prior example, 180,000 divided by 12,000 would. Trulia considers ratios of 1-15 as more favorable to buy than rent, whereas numbers of 16 favor renting.

Thesis statement for buying vs renting a home

First and foremost, shredder there is no universal yes or no answer to this question seeing that real estate is constantly in flux and extremely local. These days, home prices are well off their recent (ridiculous) highs and mortgage rates continue to break new record lows, which is surely making many renters salivate at the notion of homeownership. After all, if you can buy a home for 100,000 less than your future neighbor while also snagging a mortgage rate several percentage points better than theirs, youd be in pretty good shape, right? Thats the hope, barring a complete implosion on the economic and housing front. But nothing listing is ever that easy, is it? With homeownership comes responsibility, while renting may be relatively carefree. Buy ratio, there are several rent. Used to determine if a certain property is a good buy or not. But buying a home isnt just about the money.

renting vs buying a house essay

This 6 year number is the result of about 10 different guesses. Still, there is a period of /- 2 years where the difference between renting and buying is not horrendous. A persons feelings about such intangibles like a love or hate of doing home improvements could sway them in either direction. The plan remains to buy a home towards the end of this year. I havent shared the neighborhood, so nobody can tell us if its a good or bad decision yet. It has been far too long since ive written a mortgage match-up, so without further ado, heres a biggie: Renting. This is certainly an intimidating question, and one thats difficult to sum up in one post, but Ill do my best to cover as about many pros and cons for each as possible (feel free to add more in the comments section!).

below that 5-6 average. However, the last time i checked, the. Stock market has also been beating its 10 historical returns over the last few years. Does that mean we should assume lower returns the next few years? Some investors certainly think so, but the research shows that even professional money managers are horrible at such market timing. In the end, i can try and make some predictions, but I dont want to make a big bet on them being right. My opinion is that I just want the damage to be small if Im wrong. For example, lets look at an example graph from the calculator for a 500,000 house: Ignoring my specific inputs, lets just focus on the fact that the break-even time shown is about 6 years.

You can always buy a 2-bedroom condo or rent a 4-bedroom house. Who supermarket cares if the average homeowner stays in their house for 5 years? Its you that matters. Some people are in volatile fields, or are young and want to live in hip urban areas for a short while, or just expect to move soon. This might tilt you towards renting. Others, like me, are moving to a specific city explicitly to live near family. We plan to stay indefinitely, possibly in the same house forever. Our brothers and sisters have lived in their first houses for the last several years.

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There were some great comments on the, ny times buy. Rent article, and many of best them echo my own sentiments. Buying versus renting a house is a very individual decision. I do agree that the point of the article is that due to peoples differing time horizons and job instability these days, buying could be a great idea, but is definitely not an no-brainer. Renting is not throwing money away when you are faced with a mortgage payment thats triple the rent and a 6 commission upon selling in a few years. As the calculator suggests, the financial reality depends heavily on the rent/buy ratios in your neighborhood and how long you intend to stay. When doing these rent inputs, you should really compare apples to apples. If youre comparing the rent on a 2-bedroom apartment and the mortgage on a 4-bedroom detached house, which is really where you want to be living?

Renting vs buying a house essay
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