Naomi wolf biography

naomi wolf biography

Vagina: revised and Updated : naomi wolf

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naomi wolf biography

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With uncompromising honesty she describes how hormones eroded paper her sense of independence, ultrasounds tested her commitment to abortion rights, and the keepers of the ob/gyn establishment lacked compassion. The weeks after her first daughter s birth taught her how society, employers, and even husbands can manipulate new mothers. She had bewildering post partum depression, but learned that a surprisingly rcentage of women experience. Wolf s courageous willingness to talk about the unexpected difficulties of childbirth will help every woman become a more knowledgeable planner of her pregnancy and better prepare her for the challenges of balancing a career, freedom, and a growing family. Now she focuses on how they see themselves in relation to power, and argues that the feminist movement has to change if it is to speak to a new generation of women. Following a group of four girls (including her younger self) as they come of age in the 70s, wolfe shows how our culture tries to shape and confine womens desire. This book takes a critical look at the powerful vested interests in the pregnancy business and at the social message coming at women: an amalgam of sentimentality, psychologically dangerous half-truths and conflicting ideologies.

Were a lot more complicated than society allows for. AE: i actually was in one of those studies once — not hooked up to anything! But I had to watch porn and self-report on my arousal. I think i screwed up their whole study because i was turned off by a lot of the lesbian-geared imagery. NW: youre saying, i screwed up their study, but to me, thats the point of my book; youre why those definitions dont work. Isbn:, isbn-13(ean, isbn:, isbn-13(ean. The author citing examples confronts the beauty industry and its advertising and uncovers the reasons why women are consumed by this destructive obsession. In a society embroiled in a cult of female beauty and youthfulness, pressure on women to conform physically is constant and all-pervading. In Misconceptions, she demythologizes motherhood and reveals the dangers of common assumptions about childbirth.

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naomi wolf biography

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NW: When you say queer do you mean just lesbian? AE: Im a lesbian and I still dont know quite what I mean — im basically trying to use language thats as inclusive as possible. NW: Well, yeah, i mean, i no longer believe in these categories. I dont think there is any melbourne such thing as a heterosexual woman. I do believe that female sexuality is fluid and multiple. I think rigid categories are more about social realities.

I believe any woman can fall in love with anyone and any woman can get pleasure from anyone. It feels artificial and retro for me to say, here are these strict categories. Thats what I grew up with in San Francisco, the whole idea of everyone is everything. AE: Why question the existence of heterosexuality as a meaningful category for women? NW: Women who identify themselves as heterosexual dont just respond to sexual imagery involving a man and a woman. If theyre hooked up to something monitoring their arousal and vaginal responses, postal they will have sexual responses to lesbian imagery, gay male imagery, bonobo imagery, but theyll self-report as heterosexual; theyll tell researchers nothing is happening for them if its a sexual category they dont. To me, that says our sexuality is a lot more inclusive than were allowed to think.

I wanted to write a book that could create a positive place that women of all ages could stand in relation to their sexuality in a culture thats so negative about female sexuality. AE: you specifically draw the readers attention to your books focus on heterosexual women rather than —. NW: The research is focused more on heterosexual women. Its a very important distinction. I guess I grew up in such a gay and lesbian friendly environment that Im surprised I have to say what I thought was obvious: this is a book for every woman. I do think its important to call attention to the fact that theres missing data.

Not only do more books need to be written, but more studies need to be done. For every study i talked about, there should be a study about lgbt women. There isnt, so i dont know the data. I dont know what happens for example, in terms of womens arousal when exposed to their female partners sweat. I was trying to be very transparent and say this is a flaw in the database. AE: Right, but you specifically say that lesbians and bisexuals deserve a book of their own, that you dont believe the politically correct approach of lumping all female experience together with a nod to categories can do justice to these variations. You made an important point, that lgbt women shouldnt be presented as a side-note. But what specifically do you think queer women can draw from your book?

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Weve cranked the volume on conversation, but were saying less than ever before. For my part, Im ashamed to have book allowed my natural intellectual rigor to be altered by the internets laser light shows and fog machines. Im lucky enough to have seen Wolf lecture, to have spoken with her about the science behind her theories, the paucity of scientific research into lgbt desire, and her books true aim. But before you snatch an opinion from the internets ether, the least you can do is read Wolfs actual book. Even if you disagree with every word, wolf will have met her goal. M: What inspired your book? Naomi wolf: I grew up in San Francisco at the height and center of the gay/lesbian movement. My mom was writing a book about the lesbian community, so i saw firsthand a group of people who finally refused to have their sexuality used to demean and diminish them, instead stood firm and said, yes, were queer, yes were dykes, were going. I saw it empower and transform life after life and I think the same father's thing needs to happen for women in general.

naomi wolf biography

Wrapping both hands around her mug of tea, she seems understandably defensive. When she spoke last story tuesday night at a chicago bookstore, she fielded questions from a diverse range of readers including a lesbian who tartly directed Wolf to rethink her books gendered language and a dirty old man who rambled inaudibly. Listening to tuesdays lecture and discussing her book now, the complexity of Wolfs mission hits. How does one critique a flawed culture knowing elements of what you criticize will be used to invalidate your critique? In, vagina, wolf references porn culture, how male (and sometimes female) dependence on porn is affecting our ability to be intimate with one another. How a fleshy partner cannot compete with the frenzied pleasure of online toggling from image to increasingly graphic image. Porn is sapping our collective attention spans, wolf said tuesday, and straight sex seems often a race to orgasm. Id argue that the instant gratification of internet culture is porn cultures frontage road, running parallel, sending travelers in the same direction through a different channel. In other words, the demand for real-time opinions, the page-hit-positive feedback-loop, the speed of sharing, all contribute to a less nuanced cultural discourse.

theorists? These questions have slithered through my head for years, still I respected Wolf and her compatriots. Then came the internet, or at least my daily perusal of sites like salon, Slate, jezebel and of course facebook. It seems that everyone tightrope-walking the web has taken aim at Wolfs latest book, vagina: a new biography — from the credible, zoe heller to, katie roiphe whose essays are the written equivalent of a little girl lifting her skirt over her head and running. But somehow I didnt immediately dismiss roiphe. Instead i experienced a reluctant half-agreement when secondary sources denounced Wolfs earnest terminology, her allegedly reductive focus on the female body, all without examining the primary text. Now Im wondering why i was so easily led. Wolf herself admits to not fully understanding the critical response.

Sadly, my momentary superficiality is perhaps the least shameful confession Im about to make. Ive been a devoted naomi wolf reader since age 16, when her book. The beauty myth provided a cultural context for what I thought were my personal flaws. Not so, said Wolf. Heres whats wrong in the wider summary world. Yet as an adult reader, ive grappled with my feelings toward her chosen genre, one that stirs together personal experience, science or social science and theory. Ive wondered why feminist writers gravitate toward personal writing while men seem to focus on cold facts to prove a point. Then ive wondered what my skepticism says about.

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Naomi wolf biography
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  2. Bestselling author, naomi, wolf, has broken ground before, with her breakout. Her provocative new book is called "Vagina: a new, biography " and she joins. Please follow me at @naomirwolf.

  3. Naomi, wolf vs Karen Straughan - do we need Feminism? Vagina - a new, biography by, naomi, wolf. File size:.12mb date: 26 day hot: 1 Extension. Epub File type: document. I m a relative newcomer to, naomi, wolf s work i was barely a baby when her first book, the beauty myth, was published. Book vagina: a new, biography.

  4. Internationally bestselling author, naomi, wolf presents her most personal book yet - a stirring portrait of her father and. Naomi, wolf is a rhodes Scholar, a best selling feminist writer and lauded cultural critic, yet my first thought. New, biography — from the credible. Naomi, wolf on Vagina: a new, biography. Vagina 101 with, naomi, wolf.

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