Living in a house or apartment essay

living in a house or apartment essay

Living in an, apartment or, living in a, house, essay, example for Free

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Living in a, flat or a, house?

For example, miyapatan lives almost Muslim people so they are easily attend a religious program and pray a god. Third, The enviroment is better than apartment because one family has a on house, and there is not a crowded. On the other hand, this has some drawbacks too. One problem is a economic. This is because they need a much money when they built a house, but if they live an apartment then they need to pay only in monthly so it is cheaper than house. Another issuse is that it have not much facilities. Apartment have a lot of facilities but house have a few because when apartments were built, then they follow a new technology, and designed a modern facility because there are different kind of people come to live. For instance, in uk apartment have a flush toilet and solar etc. In conclusion, although, The house is difficult to built at one time if you finish then do not need to pay like an apartment. Over duties all it is a positive because there is a good enviroment and there people are healthier.

It is a very useful structure. Get more model ielts essays, how to like it, share it and save it). Recently, many people have become worried about living in a home and an apartment. The question is, is this is a good idea? On the one hand, there are a several benefits of living in house estate than apartment. First, people feel safe, which means they have a separate house, so when they want to lock a door and main gate then they do not wait a other people. Second, it can also make a people follow a culture. In other words, because they know all neighbours, and many neighbours is same religion so they are share each other, and then they are easily follow a traditional culture, but apartment people have to difficult to follow a culture.

living in a house or apartment essay

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Tip: think of vocabulary before you start to write, it will give you better language and better ideas. Prefer, this is another tricky one where you can find apple yourself repeating a word from the question without realising. In fact, there are lots of options here. Some of my presentation choices include: Tip: when you check your writing, check for repetition. Its normally easy to see and correct. You may never recognise your grammar mistakes. Grammar, i have deliberately kept my sentence structure very simple here. The one complex structure i do use. Note how often i use it to develop my points or to give examples.

Note the question is Are there more advantages. This means that it is not enough just to talk about advantages and disadvantages generally, you have a specific question to answer. Vocabulary problem repetition, while the topic of the essay looks quite easy, there are a few vocabulary problems that need to be faced. The question uses these words: advantages disadvantages house apartment prefer, if you are not careful, you will find yourself repeating these words a lot in your essay. Have a look at some of the variations i offer you: advantage and disadvantage, tip: make sure you dont repeat words from the question too often. This one is not so easy. There arent so many choices and it is certainly better to repeat the correct word house than to try something odd like place of habitation! What I did do though was try and think of some related words or detail words. This helps not just to vary my vocabulary, but to give me more ideas.

Ielts, essay, advantages and disadvantages living in a house and

living in a house or apartment essay

Living in a traditional house or a modern apartment

There are, of course, negative aspects to where living in houses. The greatest of these is that they tend to be more expensive to purchase and to maintain. Indeed, a large majority of people choose to live in apartments because they cannot afford the mortgage to buy a house. Another possible problem is that there are fewer houses in cities than the countryside. So if you legal like urban life, it may be preferable to live in an apartment.

A second reason to avoid living in a house is that there is a greater sense of community to life in an apartment. My conclusion would be that this is a well-balanced issue. There are probably an equal number of pros and cons to making either choice. Ultimately, whether you decide to live in a cottage in the countryside or a duplex in the city depends on your own personality, family and financial circumstances. (285 words practise using the essay vocabulary, learn how to write the essay. Get the lesson, the question needs to be answered.

Why / why not? Would you like to move to a different home in the future? This is one of my model ielts essays lessons where you can read the essay do a vocabulary exercise get a full lesson on how to write the essay. Read the ielts houses and apartments essay. Some people prefer to live in a house, while others think that there are more advantages living in an apartment. Are there more advantages than disadvantages to living in a house rather than in an apartment?

Many people nowadays face a difficult decision when they buy their own home. The question is whether they should buy a house or an apartment. There would seem to be clear benefits and drawbacks to both options. Perhaps the major advantage of living in a house is the issue of privacy. Typically, there is more opportunity for peace and quiet, if you live in a house. This is particularly the case if it is a detached house. Other significant advantages are that houses are generally more spacious and on the whole have gardens. This is especially important if there is a family so that the children can have a safe environment to play. If, however, you live in a tower block, then the children may have to play outside on the pavement.

Ielts, essay : would you prefer to live in a traditional house

My last point is living in an apartment most of the time uneasy to living access elder people or sick people difficult to claim the staircases. Also difficult to move new furniture and other item. Finally my opinion is living in a house more advantage than living in an apartment. Here are some very common questions from part 1 of the speaking test. How would you answer them? Do you live in a house or an apartment? Which is your favourite room in your home? Would you change anything about your home?

living in a house or apartment essay

Some people wish to plant and they like to set in last a garden and chat with their family members. Also their children have more space to play. Other point is in a house there is driving parking yard in the house, also they can park more than one vehicle in their yard. My next point is most people like to have a pet. Living in house they will be free to have pets. In an apartment very difficult to have pets. Living in a house building expansion possibilities are there. People can build additional room, bath room or can expansion living room or kitchen as they wish or they can rebuild. Living in an apartment people can't expansion.

task 2: Apartment Or house, paragraph 5). Some people prefer to live in a house, while there are more advantage to live in an apartment. Are there more advantage than disadvantage of living in a house compared with living in an apartment? Yes, there are more advantages living in a house than in an apartment. My first point is people like to have there privacy. As a example some people like to listen loud music, in an apartment they can't listen music as they wish. Other things is people found difficulty to hang their clothes because an apartment spaces are limited or some time they have to shear space with neighbors. People can't make their privacy party. My second point is there is always a garden space in house than an apartment.

For example, if you want more, you need to spend more. Some people choose to live in apartment because it has many facilities. Many apartment buildings have complete sport facilities including fully equipped gyms, jogging tracks, putting greens, basketball courts, and essay swimming pools (Apartment living in jakarta, paragraph 8, ml). Whereas, living in a house insist you to make a sacrifice while living in apartment give you an admission to use for free. In summary, apartment is the most comfortable place to live. Many facilities provided to occupant to be used for free. Moreover, an apartment is safer than a house because there are 24 hours security who would keep patrol to make sure everyone is safe.

Ielts writing Task 2 Sample 308 - advantages than disadvantages

Show More, a home is a place that makes us feel secure and presentation comfortable. So, it should be a place that is the most suitable place for us to rest after did many activities at the day. However, as the time goes by, there has been built an apartment which is has the same function as a house, that is a place to live. Unlike a house, an apartment usually located at the center of city which is give an extra benefit for business utility. Your apartment is your home, and you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest (Ron Leshnower, 2010). Nonetheless, some people think that living in house would give the maximum comfortibility. There are 2 similarities between a house and an apartment. First of all, both of them would make you spend the same living show more content, compare with a house, you need to make sure you lock all doors and windows before you go to sleep and check everything before you go to somewhere. Thirdly, living in a house would never give you a full satisfaction.

Living in a house or apartment essay
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  1. So which option is better? This ielts advantages and disadvantages essay compares living in a house compared with an apartment. See a student s essay, feedback, and a sample. There was a time when the choice of whether to live in a house or an apartment was purely financial you rented a flat until you could afford to buy a house. Read this full essay on Apartment living. Apartment living is much better than living in a house because it is better for the environment, there is a community.

  2. Are there more advantage than disadvantage. House and Apartment: Similarities and Differences Essay. Noneth eless, some people think that living in house would give the maximum. Do you live in a house or an apartment? Note: you could try to find more interesting alternatives to very for your written essays, but I wouldn. There are two kinds of people: those who prefer living in an apart ment and those who love living in a house.

  3. This essay explores the advantages and disadvantages of both these. The choice of living in a house or in an apartment depends on factors. Model ielts houses and apartments essay with full lesson on how to write it and. Are there more advantages than disadvantages to living in a house rather. Some people prefer to live in a house, while there are more advanta ge to live in an apartment.

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