Key features of a business plan

key features of a business plan

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"They do tend to stand out.". Check for negative connotations. Names clients have brought up to yudkin, such as Cobweb Design, goosechase and Wild weasel, may sound clever, but they can leave potential customers with an unsettled feeling about your product or service before they even try. Consider every word on your list for negative meanings, and ask friends and family how different words strike them. Scratch potential offenders off your list. If you're creating a website, ponder your company's name in a global marketplace so you don't offend an entire country. More than one business owner has come up with a company name and put it out there, only to receive a cease and desist order that forces him or her back to the drawing board. "Before you commit yourself in any way to commissioning a logo, putting up a website, making signage and so on, make sure the name is legally available yudkin says.

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If your business will be driven by the yellow Pages, an old trick is picking a company your name that starts with a, b or C so your ad will be placed toward the front of its section. But not every business can be named Aardvark or Abba, so you'll have to get creative. Compiling the names of local competitors offers a starting point for differentiating yourself. Do your competitors' names really fit the target market? Are the names too traditional while the customer is hip and cool, or vice versa? The answers will tell you what doesn't work, which can help you narrow your list of possibilities. "do a brain dump of every possibility that comes to mind says Yudkin, who asks her clients to think of company names in other industries and why they like them as a brainstorming exercise. Think of buzzwords that appeal to your potential customer and that the competition isn't using, and consider the result the customer wants from using your product or service. Yudkin chose m, for example, because it focused on the result of using her naming service. "There aren't as many companies using those kinds of names yudkin says.


But hiring a naming firm or advertising agency to help you can cost thousands of dollars. It's possible to name the presentation company on your own-if you know how to. Start with a pen, some paper and a very perceptive ear attuned to everything going on around you. "you want to have a checklist says Marcia yudkin, founder and "head stork" of m, a goshen, massachusetts, company that will brainstorm 10 potential company names or tag lines for you for about 1,000. Here's your quick check-list for mastering the name game:. First, decide on the advertising that will drive 90 percent of your business. Will you rely primarily on print ads, signage at your location, word-of-mouth, the internet, yellow Pages, radio or some combination thereof? "Depending on your answers to these questions, certain criteria become very important yudkin says. Overdone alliterations, foreign words and domain names with hyphens are the kiss of death for websites and radio ads, where spelling and easy pronunciation are critical.

key features of a business plan

Writing a business plan

Your business's most important marketing tool is the way you conduct sales and service customers. Every time you do work for a client, you are marketing yourself, she says. When you do that well, customers pay you back with loyalty and referrals. Continue learning : Got summary your target market figured out? Then go the extra mile and complete your marketing plan. Our how-to will guide you. Naming and Incorporating The name game here's how to choose your handle with care. Every business needs a name, and picking a cool, memorable moniker is the name of the game.

"do you need a lot of people who buy a lot, or people who buy across an entire service line?" Is your ideal customer a business or an individual? Is he or she local, or does geography not matter? Identify as many traits as possible so you can organize your business to keep those customers coming back. After you've outlined whom your best customers will be, recognize that you may have more than one profile, says Fortini-campbell. For instance, the catering business we mentioned may find lucrative market segments in cooking and presenting elaborate holiday meals for affluent families, as well as providing simple, daily heat-and-serve meals for busy working parents. Use free market-research tools. "The internet is a wealth of information says Fortini-campbell. "Search on any topic and you will find websites, blogs and discussion rooms on everything imaginable." In addition to the great number of books available on market research and targeting customers (including her own she recommends checking out the free market-research resources available in your. "More small businesses lose customers due to poor service than bad products says Fortini-campbell.

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key features of a business plan

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Hitting the Sweet Spot: How Consumer Insights Can Inspire better Marketing and Advertising, says that too often, small-business owners assume they know what their customers will want before doing their homework. "If you want to launch a catering company and think it's only about serving good food, but your customers really want all the trappings that come along with having someone serve them-such as the dishes and the table décor-you're going to lose business if you're. She says that since your future customers are currently buying from other places, you should use your competitors as a research tool. Make note of not only what your competitors are selling, but how they are marketing and selling their products and services. "All your future customers are out writing there buying from someone else now says Fortini-campbell. "What are they buying?

Who are they buying from? What can you learn about what others are doing?". Find the perfect match. "The most important thing a small-business owner can do is figure out what kind of customers will help them get to the goal. Who are the most strategically valuable people to them?" says Fortini-campbell.

Pay special attention to marketing. Second, do a market analysis, including identifying target markets, researching competition and assessing market trends. Then prepare a marketing strategy, including your approaches to sales, promotions, advertising, pr, networking, community building, customer service and other marketing channels and tools. Develop a plan to implement that marketing strategy, and include benchmarks to see if what you planned actually happened. Continue learning: Visit our, business Plan center for an in-depth guide on writing your business plan, calculators that'll help you determine your business numbers, and more than 50 sample business plans to download. Right on Target, choose your target customer, then take aim in the right direction.

Open the doors to your business, and it's easy to think of the whole world as your oyster. Why focus on a target market and exclude all those other market segments with which you could be conducting business, right? "A big problem for many small businesses is that they are so desperate and so grateful for anyone who buys from them, they don't go the next step and ask who they should be doing business with says Lisa fortini-campbell, adjunct professor of management. Targeting the right prospects can mean the difference between success and failure. Before taking a scattershot approach to building a customer base, consider these tips:. Fortini-campbell, who is also the author.

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"One of the most frequent errors made when writing a business plan is over-estimating revenue and under-estimating expenses pinson says. Improve revenue estimates by narrowing your target market down to a realistic niche, then interpret revenue and expenses in terms of that market, pinson advises. Start by identifying potential customers, then slice off those who aren't ready to buy, can't be marketed to effectively, can't afford your solution or don't consider it a need. At minimum, include monthly cash-flow projections for the first year. "Cash flow is the critical issue pinson says. Also prepare an father's overall projection of profit and loss for three years, as well as a projected balance sheet. Calculate the break-even point at which sales will cover costs. Research financial ratios specific to your industry, and look at published industry-specific ratios to make sure your assumptions are realistic. Says Pinson, "If grocers make a one-half-percent profit and you're projecting your grocery store will have a 28 percent profit, you'd probably better rethink your projections.".

key features of a business plan

Keep in mind, a business plan is both qualitative and quantitative. "A business plan is not just liquid writing about what your vision of your business is pinson says. "It's interpreting it in financial terms that you can measure." That means you'll need some numbers-as precise and accurate as possible-in addition to verbal descriptions of your plans. Start by writing the conceptual part, then move to the financial part. "Interpret those concepts in terms of dollars says Pinson. For instance, starting with an idea of how frequently you'll advertise, how large the ad will be and where it will run, you can find out how much it costs. This will give you a number to plug in for advertising costs. Says Pinson, "The conceptual or text part of your plan has no validity without the financial part.". Be realistic when making projections.

they're panicked.". A business plan will serve as your guide to decision making during the life of your business, starting with the question of whether to start in the first place. The second use of a plan is to satisfy lenders and investors, virtually all of whom will require a written business plan before approving a loan or making an equity investment. Plans also serve as a means of communicating with potential partners, allies, vendors, employees and even customers. Before putting pen to paper, research resources and tools that can help. In addition to books, software programs can automate the task. You can get live help from your local sba office or Small Business development Center, college and university classes, and private courses or conferences. You probably shouldn't plan to farm the entire job out to a consultant, however: "Good consultants run anywhere from 300 an hour down, and generally the quality of the services is commensurate with the fee says Pinson, adding that having a consultant craft a good. Back up your concepts with numbers.

Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are their own. This story appears in the, march 2006 issue. Subscribe many people who have always wanted to start their own business never do, simply because they're overwhelmed by the process and unsure of what specifically is involved. With a to-do list that includes everything from writing a business plan to coming up with a name to hiring employees, startup can seem daunting. But don't worry-we've simplified the process by going straight to the experts to find out their top 75 tops for startup succss, so you can master the process step by step. Your first step: Start reading. Got a (Business) Plan, a solid plan can help you start off strong business and stay that way. Writing a business plan is one of the first steps you should take toward startup, well before you launch your business. "A lot of businesses fail to write a business plan at all until they get in a jam says Linda pinson, author.

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Key features of a business plan
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  1. These 8 strategic and operational questions test and align new business Partners.

  2. Gwen Moran is co-author of The complete Idiot's guide. Business ris Penttila is a freelance journalist in the Chapel Hill, north Carolina, area. Wide range of solutions. Whether your business is better suited for a cloudbased environment or an onpremise server, mdm solutions are available from a wide range of vendors with a variety of features and pricing, giving you flexibility in how you incorporate Apple devices into your organization. First time equity partner?

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  5. Business Model Canvas (BMC) gives you the structure of a business plan without the overhead and the improvisation of a back of the napkin sketch without the fuzziness. A typical business plan has the following elements: The Executive summary highlights key information and insights from your entire business plan. It's the last section that you'll write, and the first one people will read. Business, description presents background information, defines what's important for you and your business, establishes specific. Straightforward pricing plans with no hidden fees.

  6. Key, steps towards a strategic, plan, the preparation of a strategic plan is a multi-step process covering vision, mission, objectives, values, strategies, goals and programs. Create an investment-worthy business plan with our template builder. Download into word or pdf for free. We ask the questions, you fill in the answers. Business Model Canvas, whats the, business Model Canvas? If youre already familiar, you can skip to the next section, how do i get started?

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