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In this novel through the heroes Lermontov tried to express his own sense of time and events. The main character is Grigoriy alexandrovich Pechorin an individualist with a conflict in his sole. He disdains a high society and searches for a real affair, where he could apply his skills and his talents, where he could put his soul. But he doesnt find such an affair and suffers from. Pechorin is a deep character. He is like his author, a man who searches for real life, deep feelings, true love and feels useless in his time. Lermontov never wrote non-fiction.

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Speaking about reading I cant help saying about my favourite writer. He is one of the most famous Russian authors of the 19th century mikhail Yurievich Lermontov. His life was momentary and blinding as a yellow gleam of lightning in a stormy sky. Not having lived till 27 years old, he passed the entire circle of life with flights of inspiration and bitterness of disappointments. He went through many troubles in his writers life: great success and two exiles, disappointments and love, smoke of battles and intrigues of a high society. And died in thunderstorm This is the entire circle. Just two latest figures changed their places in the dates of his life. But how many emotions were experienced by him and what antagonism of ideas existed in his mind and soul! I like novels, stories and poems by mikhail Lermontov very much. Needless to say that the most part of the poems and almost all novels and stories are full of melancholy this is the particularity of his works. No doubt, all of us have read his poems at school and of course have got acquainted with The hero of Our Time.

You can learn more about me here. You can also contact me with questions). Reading is the pleasant and father's useful part of our life. I think so because a lot of books are bought and sold every day in different bookshops and in streets (or: outside) too. Of course, radio and television are more popular among people but books still play an important role for. Reading enriches our mind. It can satisfy many different demands and literary tastes. It reveals to us its own world of life, which is sometimes cruel or sorrowful and sometimes is joyful or fantastic.

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Someone will probably give you excellent feedback. Make a few updates, polish it up, and use it as the technical writing sample in your portfolio. Nothing gets you more familiar with technical writing than actually doing technical writing. Tom, get new posts delivered straight to your inbox. Enter your email address, subscriber count: 4,300. I'm a technical writer based in the california san Francisco bay area. In this blog, i write about topics related to technical communication — swagger, agile, trends, learning, plain language, quick reference write guides, tech comm careers, academics, and more. I'm interested in simplifying complexity, owl api documentation, visual communication, information architecture and findability, and more. If you're a technical writer of any kind (progressional, transitioning, student be sure to subscribe to email updates using the form above.

Tom Johnson, i am a post Graduate in English. Recently i am working in a leading public house as writer. How can I become a successful technical writer? Please reply me as soon as possible. Dear k, the best thing you can do to develop your skills and ability with technical writing is to actually do some technical writing. Find an open source project, such. Org or, pligg, and write some documentation for. Most open source projects have poor documentation, so they provide excellent opportunities. When you finish your user guide or online help, ask someone on a technical writing listserv (like techwr-l) to review.

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Broken Wings The fetters are loose now but the reddened wrists will be visible forever I was standing on the edge i've lost almost my spirit, my path Something died inside me i didn't recognize myself When I was looking in the mirror Something has. I acted too late i should have seen it But i've gone blind more and more i've just heard this ticking in my head I will never feel safe anymore, nowhere nothing will ever gonna be the same again, nothing Nothing will ever gonna. Invisible Scars I hope there is an end of this story, fuck everywhere i go, every time i sleep I go around in the circle Again and again, on my way to a better life, with a free heart A carefree mind It's joining. The signs were clear The clouds were here Who knows? Maybe they're still right maybe there will be rain again maybe i can forget, to forget the sadness Just another aberration? So here we go, so here we go round 3, and I'm doubtful again The shadow of the past so dark making my life look empty i hope there is an end of this story paper every night I dream of the love i lived twice. Cardiac Silhouette Another sleepless night Time stands still Minutes seem like hours hours like days I take a deep breath Open my eyes and clench my hand into a fist All these nightmares, they hunt me for real Running away is futile Standing still.

We knew we could fail Can't distinguish between sweat and blood anymore was it our fault? We knew we could fail I feel numb from drinking our tears But when I remember your smile i know I have to face, to face all this fear All this fear i enter your room Close the door, smell your perfume It hurts like. Somebody please cut me out of this twisted picture i'm floating in memories They feel like fractures reflecting on everything Since you disappeared If there's one moment you can choose your fate Why didn't we grow in love instead of ending up in a fucking. I feel numb from drinking our tears But when I remember your smile i know I have to face, to face all this fear All this fear i enter your room Close the door, smell your perfume It hurts like an open sore Which will. Thanks to mjroyappa for correcting these lyrics. Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at breakdown of sanity lyrics. Jun 15, 2008 general, wordpress,.

You blind motherfuckers Was it just a dream? You blind motherfuckers. Scissorhands i, i forget my own rules But I still know the end of the story What's happened to the world, what's happened to my life? There was a time i felt safe from the drossiness Safe from discomfort no enemies, no lies Where is my soul? Where are my ways, where is my heart? Over years it made me weak it made me weak (it made me unpredictable) Something came across my way it changed too many things inside me (inside me, inside) Inside me over years it made me weak i saw your smile everything around me seems.

Over years it made me weak, it made me weak another step in an unknown direction How can I be sure, oh how can I be sure? Days go by, it seems to grow (it seems to grow) It feels still right where i am I can't see you anymore, feel you anymore These voices are pushing me They want me to fail (they want me to fail) i am falling Nothing. Why so sure, why so sure? The gift I was falling for a long time Almost everything i knew became more fucking worthless so many promises, so much energy All I want is silence All I want is peace All I want is you no more reason for searching For what. Deliverance It was a long way, it took a long time to find a safety like this It took a long time to find a safety like this I was almost giving up all my hope but in the end the picture in my head. Chapters looking back on my footsteps on the cold ground feeling like fleeing They say the path I took should be my fate but I wanna take my lazy steps on my own day by day, second by second, i set the course anew Walking. I don't even know If there is a right way i could choose i go down on my knees, i'm yelling at the ground In the hope of finding some new answers Thousands of questions Only one life for finding answers One question for thousands.

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The Writer It's your turn right now, let me see your steps Let me feel your hesitation Nothing ventured, nothing gained we know the reproach to yourself All your reflections as an open secret All your mistakes as a success your tears as the pitiful. We, we are your faith and your fear we are your inspiration and your overload you're all equal This is your reality, your veiled sight you can never see you can put the blame on us you can put the blame on us "It's all. Positions won't change As long as you can't see the point Till then we will keep observing you. Blind Today my awakening was different I'm dazzled by the hidden truth It woke me up With sharp screams, it shook me up Is it already too late was this the last of presentation our fights? Maybe just a dream It shines so fucking bright tears roll out of my squinted eyes This is the cold fire burning down my little hope i get up, i walk down the street again But today i'm just the observer Now i am the. Can you remember your decision, your decision? I watch 'em pay the price for being blind For being so narrow-minded The final question is: What if this was just a dream? Was it just a dream?

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As long as you are walking this path (this path). In fact you don't have to fear the fog my friends. And I see, you already know the other side. You know the way out, but the cruel end is etched in your thoughts. Your fantasy, only able to envision the worst. You dream of a hero, helping hand, brave guardian When you wake up you wish to wake up again leaving this place is what you secretly hope for But in reality you can't management run away in the end the past will catch you all. That's right, the hero is you.

gun now. I am just a bullet shot from your gun. Hero, it is the darkest night, stars invisible. The only thing I can feel is your cold fear. Your shivering hands, controlling gaze, fearing the end, awaiting the consequences.

Where's the place where the roses still grow? I can't hear through these hazy words anymore. Is this the reality or just my perception? Wait for a sign but paper you can't see. Through this blurred visibility, but I can see you, the fear in your face. The fluttering eyelid, but you can't hide, you can't. I perceive there is a way out.

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Crumble, the grey clouds obliterate the light blue sky. They're approaching quickly, the sloppy and filthy streets are. The streets are reflecting, reflecting the human condition, everywhere i look i can only see narrow alleyways. The bridges are burning, no chance to heal the wounds, no time-out from the selfish world. The cold environment is looking. In hopes (fucking online getting) of getting answers. I close my eyes to stop the time, to forget all this misery.

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  1. You can learn more about me here. Stevenson died aged forty-four on the point of gaining full maturity as a writer. According to his wishes he was buried at the summit of mount vaea. As a writer, i investigate how technology is shaping education, politics, generation y, social good, and the media industry.

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