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horse writing

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I am an avid rider with very little professional training. This is where i cant deny ive fallen short; to this day its my dream to be under the watchful eye of a good trainer. I love dressage and I love to jump. My love for horses did start at a very young age and at the time it was driven by wanting to ride the pony 24/7. I had a passion to be on that animals back no matter what it took. I didnt start out with a very nice pony and my father refused to get me a saddle until age twelve. I rode my first seven years bareback without a saddle.

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Im still asking myself where do i fit in in the horse world. Im not a competition rider, i never was or had the desire. When I step into a horses space thats when all competition ends and carefully building on mutual trust and respect starts. I am currently continuing to learn how to keep two thoroughbreds; their bodys, minds and souls healthy and happy on a shoe-string budget. The budget: Horses get 95, i get whats left over. I love to see talented riders and talented horses having wicked fun together, thats a sight that always takes my breath away. I have no experience in managing a show barn and can only mom imagine the twenty-four hour labor of love. From what I see it would have. I thank each and every show barn manager for doing what you. By visiting local horse establishments I have figured out this is where the love of horses is introduced and cultivated. Some kids arent fortunate enough to have a pony of their own as I was.

Theres never nothing. The purpose of the herd I managed was occasionally long. I say long because when the owner did show up to ride it was at least four hours. These were trail rides through the beautiful Catskill mountains where i grew up and a place i love. It was also my job to keep these horses physically fit in order to withstand a long trail ride through this terrain. This was always the hardest challenge. When youre the labor as well as the trainer, there is never enough time. Doing the best I could I survived seven years and trying to find a better way presentation to manage horses with this kind of job. During that time i was able to practice what i used to call the wrong way and started a journey with positive results on learning what i used to call the right way.

horse writing

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How and where do i fit in the horse world? Ive had to work for the horse instead of work with the horse. OccasionalI have experience in management of a writings small facility. It was me and only me, everyday. I know this is true for so many horse owners. So after endless chores I would paper start on the horses if the sun was still up, if not, we had lights. There is a huge amount of time, labor and commitment surrounding these animals, any animals I would imagine but i am only familiar with the horse.

Its these questions and lots of continued research that leads me down the path of my current horse management system; the best I can describe is making sure my horse is a whole horse, asking myself are they happy in mind, body and soul? This can be a huge juggling act. Youll be the first to know when something isnt right. What I have learned: What works for some people/horses may not work for others. Because of the horse being an individual and there are too many variables there is nothing set in stone. You have to listen to your horse and create a management system around whats best for him. I have become very proactive in my management practices. I could go on and on but in starting my career as a writer for Catskill Horse, i thought it best to try to introduce to our readers some facts about myself and my experiences in the horse world.

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horse writing

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Lucy has a story to share all by herself. Perhaps I should contemplate a whole book. I had a young quarter horse who regularly came up lame. Many tests and much research indicated she was metabolically challenged, another management issue. Along with the basic physical horse injuries, lacerations, bumps bruises, all routine in the world of the horse. With a small herd of five horses, each with their different issues came a huge amount of research and micro management.

It also came with a huge amount of questions. There is so much to learn with horses. I often asked myself why were these horses not able to cope with life? They were being affected by everything from the weather to insect bites. There has to be a better way is all i kept saying. In 2010 I was introduced to a different concept of thinking about the horse. I will share my thoughts and what I have learned in future articles.

I could write lots of things, i've practiced many concepts of horse management; i've had to treat all kinds of things with the herd of five horses with huge hands on experience (with 100 positive results in the end, according to the vet). I have positive references from a few respected vets in the area as well as my current team of professionals. Their references speak of my patience diligence. Like many horse owners my experiences have been varied and ive learned a lot along the way. Ive spent the last ten years managing a blind horse. I hope relaying what ive learned will help someone caring for the blind horse.

This will be my first formal article. Because of another particular horse i had to dive into a compromised hoof issue, pancake feet basically, i will write more on that later as I had to manage the horse for four years as a back yard occasional trail horse. Ive treated Lyme disease with antibiotics as well as homeopathic remedies; worked on rehabilitation for a horse with a severely injured wrecked stifle twisted back; as well as my pride and joy, lucy, a broken down, seven year old, Off Track Thoroughbred mare (ottb) mare. Now at age seventeen Lucy struggles with missing teeth amongst other mental issues but because of the bond we share stays strong and healthy, she tells me what she needs, its easier that way. I call her my people hater lover, my mentor, my friend. She has been beside me helping excel in knowledge as we kept the herd of five together.

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Mustang vs camero essay easily releasing 412 horse power the ford mustang gt does stand up to its name, mustang, the furious horse. Essay horse mustang, rated 5/5 based on 26 reviews. Thoughts on Writing life times of a horse Owner by kelly Brainerd, seems not so formal of a thing right? . I just got home to get some food, i'm on foot now, the truck is in the shop. . I'm so lucky to be able to see my horses from here. . The walk isn't strenuous, the deep snow. As I walk i ponder becoming a staff writer at Catskill Horse magazine. I'm going to write something, i have to learn to take the time, but i've thought of nothing else since this came my way. .

horse writing

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2018 Winged Horse Writing. How about writing a horse story with something sad in it but it all turns out okay in the end? I am so excited to begin writing for Catskill Horse and to sharing what ive learned with you all.

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