Essay on mass media for students

essay on mass media for students

Mass Media essay and Paragraph

In this case, the body weight becomes the first variable. It becomes exact only when the body is in its normal state and when the body fat content is high the predictions become inaccurate. For obese patients body, weights undergo change for it to be effective in the equations. Illness and injuries increasingly complicated the estimations of energy requirements. It based largely on the healthy individuals. In the University of California, for example 65 men and 100 women found possessing the bmis over. Measured energy use then divided by an estimated energy expenditure using the hb problem and the cunningham equation to find the stress factor for injury and illness.

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It went through regulation on a daily basis before working. The patient was in a straight position and not asleep. The readings were in a semi-standard way that went hand in hand with the indirect calorimetric measurements. Those sick did not eat regularly during the measuring period. The readings then carried out at a standard neutral hospital room temperature. Oxygen intake and carbon dioxide released measured and energy use calculated by the weir formula (Moshe, et al 2006 P 973). The activity occurred for about 30 minutes. The use of calibrated electronic stand-up scale assisted in obtaining the weight of the body. Sex, age and the weight of the sick determined through interaction with the patient. Harris-Benedict Equations, this is the most commonly help used technique for obtaining energy use. In order, to change thesis its accuracy stress factors should join hand.

Obesity experienced in litigation of an extra adipose tissue in the body. Since the indirect calorimeter is not daily available for approximating energy requirements, many predicting equations have undergone improvised to margaret rate this energy. Of recent, obese patients are at an alarming rate in the patient population. They do require nutritional support. In order to achieve this nutritional help, the resting energy expenditure of the patients is the most fundamental goal to examine. This helps to provide enough calories prevent the muscle eat up and hinder lack of minerals in the body. Indirect calorimetric and anthropometry, these readings carried out using the deltatrac metabolic monitor.

essay on mass media for students

Essay on Effects of Mass Media on Society - 1650 Words bartleby

In cooreys article, presentation he takes Assanges side in light of democratic values citing specific legal case relative to Assanges case in the efforts to defend Assanges interests from a legal perspective. Taking on the oppositional readings of this media event, the release of us confidential files must be dealt with appropriate action on the basis of erupting global distress agitating the international audience and disturbing the peace of the international community. Responsible media reporting is something that wikileaks missed, a quality that its founder, Assange, does not value. This is the challenge for the contemporary media to be responsible in the midst of technological advancement where anything is possible. So, where ethics is concerned, the media must be the first to adhere because of the great power to influence the mass public from the global community that it holds. Media, at all times must be responsible while promoting democratic values these two should not be confused. The case of Assange, the publication of secret information created conflict in the global community, which had a negative impact; it was published without weighing objectivity and without considering pros and cons for releasing the information to the public. There was no sense of responsibility on the part of Assange and on this event; therefore, in the context of media ethics and responsible reporting, the Assange case warrants prosecution. Article review 2: Disease state such as overweight and obese has become a significant concern in the developing countries.

Spycatcher book opposed by margaret Thatcher from being published ruled by the high court of Australia with a decision favoring the publication of the book on the argument that the australian court has no legal obligation in protecting any classified information of another government. The content of the article focused on establishing the fact based on a previous case to associate the same decision applied to the Assange case on wikileaks. On the basis that the previous case of Wrights. Spycatcher holds a strong legal argument, its use as a case in point to support the media debate over Assanges case indicates the intention to establish public concurrence in favor of Assange, hence applying the concept of hegemony in this event. Question 2 : One of the key discourses circulating in this event is the use of legal argumentation to correlate with the Assange case in the efforts to establish accuracy, hence media integrity, which is an important factor in the application of media hegemony. Integrity is important to successfully achieve public approval and consent. As the case of Assange is a legal issue, the use of another legal incident, which has been ruled and decided to favor the argument pursued in the article is important in promoting media hegemony. Question 3: The case of Assange on releasing confidential documents to the public is the center of a heated debate.

Mass Media and Technology Education Essay - uk essays

essay on mass media for students

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Ask each group to find five to ten documents, photographs, audio clips, or video clips for the presentation. Appoint, or have each group self-select, a "technician" to assemble the group's photos and notes into a computer presentation, or have each member essay create a certain number of pages or slides (depending on the software used) that can be easily combined into a single presentation. Have each group share its presentation with the class and discuss how Americans of different ethnicities and backgrounds were portrayed. If time is limited, you may request each group to turn in its presentation after sharing one or two items with the class. Article review 1: Media literacy, hegemony indirectly implies control in the political context before it has been associated in media studies. The media, especially in democratic countries, is regarded as the protector of freedom and the values of democracy.

Therefore, the public significantly trusting the media unquestionably believe media news as true. On the basis of Gramscis media theory from which media hegemony was developed, public consent is the core in maintaining power. The media play a central role in influencing the beliefs and perception of the greater public from local to national and international realm. The theory suggests that while the public have great faith in the media, they consent it as true all the news that the media publish. In this context, the content of the article authored by Phillip coorey published at Brisbane times was structured to operate hegemony in which the article proposed to favor the interest of Julian Assange in the recent wikileaks issue. The article argued on the basis of the earlier incident similar to the case as that of Peter Wrights.

Buck biographies and "Immigrant Fiction" essay for home reading. Ask students to pay particular attention to buck's observations of immigrant relations and how she defined the term "American." have students answer the questions on the worksheet, referring to the essay and the. American Immigration Policy handout (PDF) as needed. They should prepare to discuss their answers in class. As an alternate exercise, have students read the essay and then work in groups to answer the questions. Immigrants in the media.

Students will conduct Internet research to see how the media (documents, photographs, audio, video) portrayed American immigrants in the 1930s. Explain that they will create a computer presentation in which they share the information they find. Refer students to the, immigration launchPad as they research immigrant relations in the 1930s. Many of the websites listed on the launchPad link to sources that contain documents and audiovisual material about immigration. Ask students to answer the questions listed on the launchPad (also available as a pdf ). They will use these notes in their presentation. Assemble students into groups. Preview the materials available on the edsitement launchPad and determine an appropriate way to ensure student groups will not all review the same material.

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Before proceeding, you may wish to make a distinction between "immigrant" and "migrant" workers. . Internal revenue service, an "immigrant" is a person "who has been granted the right by the custom and Immigration Services to reside permanently in thesis the United States and to work without restrictions in the United States a "migrant according to the. Customs and Immigration Service is "a person who leaves his/her country of origin to seek residence in another country." Note that the Great Depression resulted in migration within America as displaced workers attempted to find employment. Migration was a common theme in American literature of the 1930s, one addressed in novels such as John Steinbeck's 1939 novel, The Grapes of Wrath. Distribute the, pearl. Buck: On Discovering America reading questions (PDF). As a homework assignment, ask students to read pearl. On Discovering America available at the edsitement-reviewed American Studies at uva website. You may also point them to the pearl.

essay on mass media for students

Introduce students to American author pearl. Explain that Buck, the child of Christian missionaries, spent most of her life in China. She returned to America in 1934, "an immigrant among immigrants you in my native land." Refer students to the following pearl. Buck biographies, which provide background on Buck's life and career. Like many of her contemporaries—among them Henry roth and Michael Gold—pearl. Buck wrote about the plight of immigrants grappling with social and cultural change. As noted in Phillip Lopate's essay, immigrant Fiction: Exploring an American Identity available at, the gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, many works about the immigrant experience describe feelings of disorientation as their characters shifted from the macrocosm of the foreign countries from which they. The website provides a good overview of works from the 1930s that address the immigrant experience.

the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island foundation. If time allows, teachers might assign an independent research project encouraging students to explore a major immigration law or event, and have them present the report to the class. Note how immigration patterns to the United States have changed. For example, immigration from Asia was severely restricted in the early 20th century, but today 26 percent. Immigrants come from Asia. Note, too, how fears about immigration persist—in the belief, for example, that immigrants take jobs away from others. Buck, "On Discovering America".

The quiz looks at issues such as why people come to America, how many enter the the country legally, and how many jobs employ them. Depending on the available technology, students might work individually, in groups, or all at once using a projector. Discuss the results of the quiz as a class. Did any answers surprise your students? What misconceptions might they have had before taking the quiz? How did the answers affect their views? Provide historical context about the history of immigration using the information contained in the "Background Information for the teacher" section of this lesson. In addition, give each student a copy of the. American Immigration Policy handout pdf for reference.

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Immigration: Myths and realities. Ask students to think about what it would be like to relocate to America from a foreign country. What would they expect to find in America? What would they leave behind? What languages, customs, traditions, and even prejudices might they bring with them to their new home? If students in your class have guaranteed experienced this transition, ask them to share their experiences with the class. Ask students to test their knowledge of immigration by taking the pbs. Immigration: Myths and realities online quiz linked via the edsitement-reviewed, the new Americans.

Essay on mass media for students
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  5. American author pearl. Buck spent most of her life in China. She returned to America in 1934, an immigrant among immigrantsin my native land. in this lesson, students. Experience of writing narrative stories shows that the authors are mainly journalists, copy-writers, students of international cooperation and information faculties, historic and philological faculties. Students create Spotify playlists to accompany a short persuasive essay on a topic of their choice.

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