Bottled water plant business plan pdf

A sample bottled Water Production Business Plan Template

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Business Plan on Mineral Water

Managing Director, Production Manager, quality control Manager).0 Letter of Appointment and Acceptance of key officers. 6.0 Credentials of the key officers. 7.0 List of Production Facilities/Quality control.0 sop for cleaning of factory Premises and Equipment. 9.0 sop recall and Distribution.0 sop for Production.0 sop for quality control.0 Retainership Agreement with a hospital or Clinic (with names and signature of both parties).0 food Handlers Test/Medical Fitness Tests which should include,.0 Sputum Test.0 Urine test.0. 20.0 Agreement with Fumigation Company for regular fumigation of the factory with name and signature of both parties. 21.0 Current fumigation Certificate of factory (This should be done quarterly).0 geological Survey of Borehole report.0 Telephone number for easy contact. 24.0 Any other relevant documents. Four sets of the above documents in the order they appear should be presented during inspection (originals antonio for sighting). All correspondences and applicant should be: The director Establishment Inspection Directorate nafdac abuja nafdac website. Continue reading on pdf Related.

7.6 sop for cloaking and summary use of toilets, etc. 8.0 application for inspection.1 Application for inspection of packaged water factory should be directed to: The director General National Agency for food and Drug Administration and Control Plot 2032, Olusegun Obasanjo way, wuse zone 7, Abuja. 8.2 All application should be accompanied with: (i) evidence of payment (ii) Companys Certificate of Incorporation and (iii)Products Trademark registration Certificate. 9.0 statutory fees for inspection.1 All payments to the Agency should be in bank draft in favour of National Agency for food and Drugs Administration and Control.2 All payments attract a 5 vat charge. 9.3 Laboratory analysis for the purpose of renewal shall be 50 of the original tariff. 10.0 documentary requirements for production inspection of premises for packaged potable water. 10.1 Labelling The product label should comply with packaged water labelling regulations stating name of product pack size batch No: manufacturing Date: best Before date: nafdac registration Number. factory location Address (Not. Box).0 evidence of payment.0 Certificate of Incorporation of Company.0 evidence of Trade mark registration.0 Organogram of the company with Names and qualification of the key officers (e.g.

bottled water plant business plan pdf

bottled Water water Purification

5.3 Sewage, refuse and other wastes within the premises should be disposed of in a safe and sanitary manner. 6.0 sanitation.1 Any building used in the manufacture, processing and packaging of potable water should be maintained in a hygienic condition. 6.2 Standard Operating Procedures assigning responsibility for cleaning must be in place. The sop should describe in sufficient details, the cleaning schedules as well as equipment and materials to be used in cleaning the buildings and facilities. 6.3 The building should be regularly fumigated with approved fumigants in accordance with the food and drug act and the pesticides registration regulation of nafdac. 7.0 standard operating procedures (SOPs).1 Standard Operating Procedures should be written for all operations namely:.2 sop for Production. 7.3 sop for quality control. 7.4 sop for cleaning of factory Premises and Equipment. 7.5 sop recall and Distribution.

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bottled water plant business plan pdf

Sample bottled Water Production Business Plan Template

4.1.3 Use of dug out well is not allowed. 4.1.4 Water source should be at least 30-50m away from the nearest septic tank which may worst or may not be situated within the premises. 4.2 tanks and reservoir.2.1 All tanks should be made of pvc or stainless steel. Underground reservoir (where available) should be made of concrete and fully tiled. 4.3 pipes.3.1 All pipes should be made of stainless steel or pvc.

Use of galvanised iron pipes is not allowed. 4.4 taps.4.1 Taps for manual filling should be made of stainless steel or pvc mounted on a stainless steel sink. 4.5 form filling and sealing machine.5.1 The form filling and sealing machine (where available) should be designed to minimize man-material contact, safe to use, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. The equipment may be a fully or semi-automated device.6 water treatment process.0 washing and toilet facilities.1 Adequate, clean washing and toilet facilities should be provided for personnel. Washing facilities should be equipped with soap or detergent, air driers or single-service towels. This should be walled and floored with easily cleaned and disinfected non-shedding durable material and should have smooth surface. 5.2 toilets should be away from the production or storage areas and should be easily accessible to production area.

pallets/shelves (not wooden) should be provided. An Ultraviolet sterilizing lamp should be provided and bulb changed when spent. 3.4.3, production room: Floor should be covered with easy to clean durable materials. Drainage system should be adequate to prevent flooding. windows should be screened with insect-proof nets and be constructed in such a way as not to trap dust.

An air conditioner should be provided. Illumination and ventilation should be adequate. 3.4.4 finished product store: Floor should be made of easily cleaned and disinfected non-shedding durable material and should have smooth surface. Illumination ventilation should be adequate. a netted door should be provided at the exit. 4.0 facilities and equipment.1 source of water.1.1 The source of water could either be from a borehole of minimum depths of 100ft to 150ft depending on topography or:.1.2 Public mains provided by the local water cooperation.

2018 Pure water/Bottled sachet Water Business Plan In Nigeria

walls should be made of easily cleaned and disinfected non-shedding durable material and should have smooth surface. windows should and be screened with insectproof nets and be constructed in such a way as summary assignment not to trap dust. wall hangers/cupboard should be provided. Shoe rack/lockers should be provided. ventilation illumination should be adequate. a netted door at the entrance should be provided. 3.4.2, packaging materials store: Floor should be made of easily cleaned and disinfected non-shedding durable material and should have smooth surface. windows if present should be screened with insect-proof nets and be constructed in such a way as not to trap dust.

bottled water plant business plan pdf

1.3 It is important to note that no packaged water should be manufactured, advertised, sold or distributed in Nigeria unless it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of Act Cap. 2.0 organization and personnel.1 There should be an adequate organizational structure that clearly defines:.1.1 Responsibility.1.2 Authority.1.3 qualification of Personnel.2 There should be adequate personnel to perform and supervise the production and packaging heating of potable water. 2.3 Production of potable water must be under the supervision of a production manager who must possess a minimum of Ordinary national Diploma in a science based course obtained from a recognised tertiary institution. 2.4 In-house and In-process quality control of functions can be carried out by the production manager while comprehensive/detailed product analysis should be performed by public analyst registered by the Institute of Public Analyst of Nigeria (ipan).5 Personnel should be adequately clad in overall, hand. 3.0 building(S).1 The entire factory premises should be fenced to demarcate it from all other buildings (residential or commercial). 3.2 The factory must not be sited (located) near a cemetery, abattoir, quarry, sewage treatment plant, sawmill, oil depot (Petroleum and Vegetable) or any such establishment that could be a source of contamination for processing, production and packaging of potable water. 3.3 The building should be designed to allow for free flow of personnel and materials to prevent cross contamination. 3.4 The building for the production of potable water should be purpose built or suitably adapted to comprise a minimum of five rooms designated as the cloak room, packaging material store, production room and finished product store office. 3.4.1, cloak room: Floor should be made of easily cleaned and disinfected non-shedding durable material and should have smooth surface.

equally dubious choice between the risk of contracting typhoid from ill-treated public tap water or from so called pure water. This was the situation before the advent of the national. Agency for food and Drug Administration and Control, which brought strict standards and a rigorous regime of inspection, certification and labeling, to protect the consuming public from the associated health hazards. The pure water business is a very lucrative business with relatively modest start-up costs for everybody needs water the elixir of life. Concerning the African proverb cited above: while filthy water might not be washable, it certainly can be treated to potable standards even sewage water! Guidelines for establishment of packaged water plant. Nigeria nafdac/EID/003/00.0 general.1 These guidelines are for the general public, corporate organizations and individuals that wish to engage in production of packaged potable water for public consumption. 1.2 These guidelines prescribe the minimum gmp requirements for personnel, materials, machine and environment for production of potable water.

Slovakian Proverb, filthy water cannot be washed. African Proverb, today, there are over one billion people who do not have access to safe drinking water (potable water and this results in millions of deaths from preventable diseases every year, especially amongst infants. This is almost exclusively a third World affliction and Nigeria is not excluded from these grim statistics. In the rural areas of Nigeria, access to drinking water is often limited to rivers, streams and wells; more fortunate communities have water boreholes. The primary hazard is inadequate treatment or no treatment at all, exposing the inhabitants of such communities to water-borne diseases. The situation is not radically better in urban communities of the towns and cities across Nigeria, owing to inadequate investment in public water supply infrastructure, rendering such pipe-borne water as is available unreliable as a drinking water source supermarket vis-à-vis quality. Hence the resort to other sources of drinking water by individuals, households and catering outlets. Generally, those that can afford it go for bottled water from reputable companies, where the production and hygiene standards are high and verifiable.

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Bottled water plant business plan pdf
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  1. Make a business plan. The bottled or Pure water business. Treatment plant, sawmill, oil depot (Petroleum and Vegetable) or any such establishment that could be a source. Reception Selected different fruits are first received at the Production Plant. Documents Similar to business Plan of Energy Drink. Hsbc business plan template pdf.

  2. how to start. How to Start a ro mineral. Water, plant, business, earn Upto 1. Step by Step ro, water, plant, business, plan. Learn more about the bottled water business and how you can start your own water bottling plant.

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