Book report harry potter and the philosopher's stone

book report harry potter and the philosopher's stone

Harry, potter and the, philosophers, stone, book, report

Due to timing changes, harry is awakened by his hurting scar in the burrow and finds Hermione looking at him, rather than Mrs weasley waking them. The dialogue from Hermione also indicates that she is waking them up for the trek to the portkey that will take them to the quidditch World Cup, which means that Harry does not send any letter to sirius about the dream he had at that. However, he sends a letter while on the hogwarts Express, but its contents are unknown. The Invitation As the dursleys are omitted, the invitation from Molly weasley with all the stamps shown in the chapter illustration is unseen in the film. Back to the burrow Since the dursleys are omitted, the incident the weasley twins caused with Dudley, and the argument they get into with their parents was omitted also. Weasley's wizarding Wheezes Bill, charlie and Percy weasley are omitted from the film. This means the first time harry sees Bill is when he formally introduces himself during Harry potter and the deathly hallows: Part.

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In the book, the riddle house is described as having a stone staircase, but in the movie, it is an old rickety wooden staircase. In the book, frank is invited into the room and killed when he demands Voldemort to show himself. In the film, voldemort does not tell Wormtail to beckon Bryce, but tells him to stand aside and merely kills english Bryce at the spot where he was standing. Bertha jorkins ' role in the film is taken out entirely, which effectively removes much of the backstory in the main plot of the story. Under the story portrayed for the film, barty Crouch Jr has seemingly "escaped" azkaban without any explanation at all and Voldemort already knows about the quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard tournament, despite having no source that could have told him these things. It is possible that Wormtail heard some rumours about these events while disguised as a rat, which he was able to relay to his master. In the film, voldemort, wormtail and Barty Crouch Jr discuss their plans together in the riddle house. In the book, barty Crouch Jr is not present at all and only learned about the plot after the world Cup had concluded. Barty Crouch Jr does not have straw-coloured hair in the film, but is portrayed with Tennant's natural hair colour. The Scar The dursleys are completely omitted from the film and there is no reference to them at any point in the film.

Afterwards Harry, ron and Hermione reflect on events knowing that Hogwarts will never be the same. Cast main Cast Members Actor Role daniel Radcliffe harry potter Rupert Grint Ron weasley emma watson Hermione Granger Michael Gambon Albus Dumbledore maggie smith Minerva mcGonagall Alan Rickman severus Snape robbie coltrane rubeus Hagrid Brendan Gleeson Alastor moody warwick davis Filius Flitwick david Bradley argus. Jason Isaacs Lucius Malfoy ashley artus Walden Macnair Paschal Friel Nott Philip Rham Crabbe richard Rosson avery Alex Palmer goyle 2 Olivia higginbottom Unidentified Female death Eater Barry dowden Unidentified Male death Eater at the riddle Graveyard (I) (uncredited) paul davies death Eater (uncredited) tiana. Fawcett (Scenes deleted and uncredited) Tom Felton Draco malfoy josh Herdman Gregory goyle jamie waylett Vincent Crabbe Emily Grace Slytherin Girl (Uncredited) 7 Mala su mabey george weasley 's dance partner (Uncredited) (Possibly a student of beauxbatons) Sarah Harrison Schoolgirl Lucy Elworthy School Girl jake. Jeff Rawle Amos Diggory Alan Watts Assistant Judge campbell Graham Unidentified Ministry wizard (I) liam McKenna ministry wizard 9 Christopher Whittingham Ministry wizard david Sterne minstry wizard 10 Flip Webster Minstry witch 11 Anne lacy minstry witch 12 su elliot Minstry witch 13 Sheila Allen. The riddle house Frank Bryce 's history is omitted completely from the film. The film also erroneously calls him a "caretaker rather than a gardener. In the book, frank walks with a walking stick, but in the movie, though he still appears to be stiff legged, he does not essay use any implements to help him walk.

book report harry potter and the philosopher's stone

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Upon arriving at Hogwarts, the entire community and the the two other schools are greeted with horror after seeing Cedric's corpse and hearing Harry reveal of Voldemort's return. Moody secretly takes Harry away from the maze and into his office where he reveals to be behind all the events of the year; it was he who put Harry's name in the goblet, suggested Hagrid take harry into the woods to see the dragons. Dumbledore, realising that the real moody would not get Harry away from him, forcibly breaks into his office with Snape and McGonagall, and disarm him. After Snape forces Veritaserum to moody, the latter revealed to a magical trunk where the professors and Harry discover the real moody. The polyjuice potion wears off and the impostor is revealed as Bartemius Crouch Jr, who impersonated moody to access Hogwarts, arranged events to ensure harry made it to the third task (making certain Hagrid knew about the dragons so he would tell Harry, and lending. The professors and Harry leave the room and Snape stays to guard Bartemius, his wand pointed at the latter's face; in which Bartemius makes a final snake-like flick of his tongue. A memorial feast is held at the Great Hall, in memory of Cedric, where dumbledore announces, against the minister's will, that Voldemort is back once more.

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book report harry potter and the philosopher's stone

Harry, potter and the Philosopher 39; s Stone book report

Cedric is quickly killed by wormtail and Harry is pinned to sustainable essay a statue of the angel of death. Wormtail drops Voldemort into the potion, put a bone of his father into it, cut off his hand, and draws blood from Harry. The two watch in horror the revival of Voldemort. As Voldemort is fully revived, he summons the death Eaters to the graveyard and Wormtail is gifted a new hand. Voldemort admonishes them of leaving him then spots Harry and explains to the death Eaters about how Harry survived while he (Voldemort) was rendered powerless and disembodied, then touches Harry's scar, causing pain to harry.

Voldemort then frees Harry and forces him to a duel. But as they duel, their spell cause the effect of Priori Incantatem. The spirits of Harry's parents, cedric and Frank Bryce exit out of Voldemort's wand and watch the two fight. Harry's father tells him that as soon as the connection is broken, they shall create a diversion to hold Voldemort and the death Eaters for a few seconds for Harry to get back to the cup while cedric asks him to bring his body back. Harry does not break contact until his mother orders him to. When released, the spirits create the said diversion, giving Harry enough time to get to cedric's body and summon the Triwizard Cup with Accio then teleport to hogwarts. Voldemort gives a roar of fury upon the failure of his plan.

In his haste, harry picks some of the candy up, but they start jumping around and biting his hand. He stumbles and hits a hidden floor switch, revealing the pensieve, for which Harry steps toward carefully and cautiously. He suddenly falls into the depths of the pensieve after staring into the mist and falls into a courtroom, where he learns that Igor Karkaroff used to be a death Eater and that Crouch Snr used to have a son by the same name. Harry suddenly recalls that Crouch's son looked very much like the unknown man in his dream and, after informing Dumbledore of this revelation, is asked to put it out of his mind for now. While making his way back to Gryffindor Tower, he catches sight of Karkaroff's Dark mark while he argues with severus Snape in a potions store cupboard. Snape maliciously taunts Harry about the supposed thefts of boomslang skin from his store cupboard and suggests that he and his friends are brewing Polyjuice potion, threatening to use veritaserum on Harry if any more ingredients go missing from his stores.

The third task consists of a maze and the champions only need to find the Triwizard Cup in the centre, which has been placed there by Alastor moody. The maze is later seen to be enchanted and blows gusts of wind every so often to disorientate the champions. During the maze challenge, krum stuns Fleur and attempts to do the same to cedric, but is stunned when the latter uses the disarming Charm against him. Harry stops Cedric from attacking Krum further and run off, before noticing the cup. They run towards it, but Cedric is caught by roots and nearly engulfed by them, but is saved by harry. The pair grab the cup themselves, but are teleported to the graveyard of Little hangleton. Where harry reveals of his dreams of being in that place but before he can explain further, wormtail and Lord Voldemort arrive, causing Harry to clutch his scar in pain. Seeing the danger, harry desperately tells Cedric to go back to the cup, but a cauldron standing between them activates, making Harry suffer pain in his scar even more.

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Harry listens to reviews the golden Egg in the Prefect's Bathroom and correctly deduces that the second task involves a trip into the Black lake to find something that has been taken from him. Having obtained Gillyweed from neville longbottom before the task, he uses it to swim under the lake for an hour and rescues Ron from the merpeople. He also frees Gabrielle delacour, as Fleur does not arrive due to her being attacked by Grindylows. His act of saving Gabrielle, despite her not being Harry's hostage, allows him to gain second place and ties his points with Cedric, while earning him two kisses from Fleur herself. After the task, harry meets with Barty Crouch Snr, who congratulates him for his achievements and stating that Harry's parents would be very proud of him. Crouch's talk is cut off by moody, who begins to make accusations that Crouch is trying to recruit Harry. As Crouch walks towards moody, he flicks his tongue which alarms Crouch, before he leaves. While wandering the forest with Hagrid and the others, he finds Crouch's corpse and heads to dumbledore's Office in the castle, where cornelius Fudge argues with Dumbledore and adamantly tells Dumbledore that he will "not be seen as a coward" for cancelling the Triwizard tournament. Dumbledore, fudge and moody leave the office when Harry's presence is made aware to them, dumbledore letting Harry know that he can have a licorice Snap, but warns that they are a "wee bit sharp".

book report harry potter and the philosopher's stone

to be harry potter, who professes his innocence to Albus Dumbledore that he did not place his name there. His innocence is confirmed by moody, but Harry is still required to compete in the tournament, as Barty Crouch Snr states that Harry is under a binding magical contract. The majority of students in the school believe harry entered himself and the incident results in Ron no longer speaking with Harry. Harry soon learns that the first task is to steal a golden egg from a dragon, after Rubeus Hagrid shows him the dragons for the task in the forbidden Forest. He informs Cedric of the upcoming task and, with thanks from moody, is able to capture the egg using his Firebolt broomstick. Ron realises that Harry would never knowingly put himself into such danger without knowing about it beforehand, and the two make up and begin talking once more. During the winter holidays, hogwarts plays host to a yule ball, but the evening ends on a bad note, as Ron jealously learns that Hermione had a date with viktor Krum. Harry later has a similar dream to the one he had over the summer, but from the point of view of Frank and wakes when Frank is killed by the killing Curse. Grateful for his tip-off about the dragons, cedric tells Harry how to solve the clue with the egg and advises him to "take a bath".

Lord Voldemort, who is apparently plotting to get to him with the aid. Wormtail and an unidentified young man. Harry potter awakes from a nightmare involving this. Hermione Granger wakes him from the dream while also trying to wake. By sunrise, the weasley family and Harry travel by portkey to the 422nd quidditch World Cup with Amos and Cedric Diggory, whereby they witness the defeat of Bulgaria to Ireland. After the match, a gang of death Eaters spark terror among the campsite and Harry is separated from the others in the confusion and is knocked unconscious. After the destruction of the campsite, the unidentified young man from Harry's dream casts the dark mark into the sky, but flees when the others find Harry. The trio arrive at Hogwarts, where they learn that the Triwizard tournament will be taking place proposal at the school that year. Delegations of students from beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive in the school to take part in the tournament: however, during the introductions, Alastor "Mad-eye" moody enters the Great Hall and is introduced as the new Defence Against the dark Arts teacher for that year.

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Fandom in: Films (real-world english watch 02:16, harry potter and the goblet of book Fire Trailer. Do you like this video? This article is not part of the. This article covers a subject that is part of the real world, and thus should not be taken as a part of the harry potter universe. dark and Difficult Times lie ahead " — official tagline, harry potter and the goblet of Fire is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name and was released on 18 november, 2005. It is directed by, mike newell, patrick doyle composed the film's music. The film focuses on a hidden plot to revive. Lord Voldemort and the dangers that, harry potter faces during a prestigious tournament hosted at, hogwarts. On the early morning hours of August 22, 1994, Frank Bryce is murdered by the hand.

Book report harry potter and the philosopher's stone
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  1. Its 20 years on June 26 since the publication of Harry potter and the Philosopher s Stone, the first in the seven- book series.

  2. Aug 04, harry potter is the philosopher s new and uncle and the deathly hallows. a trabajando harry potter and the philosopher ' s stone entertainment that has you provide more by Chewing the manufacturer to your files. Harry potter and the sorcerer's Stone soundtrack free piano sheet music with downloadable pdf. The soundtrack of the harry potter and. Also Known As: Harry potter and the Philosopher ' s Stone (eu, au harry potter und der Stein der weisen (EU).

  3. Creator: Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets The Philosopher ' s Stone (1997) The Philosopher ' s Stone The harry potter series. Harry james Potter (b. ) was a half-blood wizard, one of the most famous wizards of modern times. He was the only child. Tom Marvolo riddle (31 December, 1926 later known as Lord Voldemort or alternatively as you-know-Who, he-who-must-Not. Harry potter and the goblet of Fire is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name and was released on 18 november, 2005.

  4. Become a member to write your own review. Harry potter and the Philosopher s Stone (PS) Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets (CS) Harry potter and the Prisoner of azkaban (pa. here, in Harry potter And The Philosopher ' s Stone, that Harry inadvertently converses with and frees a burmese python, and ends. the legendary book, harry potter and the Philosopher s Stone. After facing rejection from about 12 publishers, editor, she finally.

  5. nothing there is cited. t as prominent or noticeable as it was with Harry potter and the sorcerer' s / Philosopher 's Stone, but still something to keep in mind. harry potter and the Philosopher ' s Stone, chapter 16 (Through the Trapdoor). Although I confess I prefer the name ' harry potter and the Philosopher ' s stone'. Read Harry potter and the sorcerer' s Stone reviews from kids and teens on Common Sense media.

  6. Creator: Harry, potter and the, chamber of Secrets, the, philosopher '. Stone (1997) The, philosopher '. Stone the report also detailed the. of, harry, potter and the, philosopher. Stone in 1997, making, harry, potter the bestselling book series of all time. 2002, prior to the release of the fifth book in Rowling' s series, harry, potter and the, order of the Phoenix.

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